Monday, December 15, 2008

Back on Our Feet

I recently returned from Nashville, Tenn., where I helped my 91-year-old mother return home from a convalescent facility. Those of you who follow this blog might recall that Sylvia Hyman is a well-known ceramic sculptor who fell in September while we were attending an international ceramics conference in Xi’an, China.

The good news is that she’s back on her feet, using a walker but able to descend the stairs to her studio. The not-so-good news is that her eyesight is falling prey to macular degeneration.

However, she’s still brimming with creative ideas and a fiery spirit. With the help of her wonderful assistant and friend, Cathy Moberg, she hopes to return to work by January. If you’d like to see photos of her work, check out the lower left corner of my home page,

It occurred to me that a lot of us would like to be back on our feet after the economic tumble of the past months. I can’t work miracles but, while reading Sunday’s newspaper, I came across positive news I’d like to share.

1) Kind stranger. In Fullerton, Calif., a man found a wallet containing $300 cash. He called the emergency number inside and restored the money to its owner. When offered a reward, he declined, even though he said he needed money.

2) Cut-rate pandas. Four giant pandas will be staying at the San Diego Zoo for another five years, thanks to a half-off deal negotiated with the Chinese government. The previous charge was $1 million annually per adult panda. Zoos in Atlanta, Washington, D.C. and Memphis also get the reduced rate.

3) Sexy pirate. Four actors playing Jack Sparrow got laid off their jobs at Disneyland. That’s the sad news. The entertaining part is the explanation given by a former portrayer of the Pirates of the Caribbean character. He said Jack is such an irresistible rogue that women patrons couldn’t resist flashing him. (No specifics mentioned. Or maybe I should say, no unmentionables mentioned). Disneyland denies that girls behaving badly had anything to do with the decision.

4) Take it all off. Those clothing-optional ladies should read the article about Huntington Beach, Calif., which rents out the city pool for private nude swims by a naturist group. In support of nudism, one member told the Orange County Register that getting rid of designer-label clothing “does level the playing field.” Another commented that after spending time on European nude beaches, “It became very hard to put on a bathing suit.”

5) No bathing suit for me. Honesty compels me to report that I haven’t put on a bathing suit in years. Of course, I haven’t gone into a pool in years, either, although I’ve waded in the ocean a few times. However, my agent sent me a lovely array of bath beads for the holidays, so it looks like I’ll be immersing myself au naturel soon – in the privacy of my bathroom.

There’s a lot to be said for getting off one’s feet. And on that note – happy holidays!


EllenToo said...

So very glad to hear your mother is home and able to use a walker to get around. I'll bet with her fiery spirit she'll be back at work and creating soon.

Sara said...

Glad to know that your mother is back home. I can imagine she is very happy to be there.

Interesting little tidbits you found in the paper...Maybe I should be reading my paper a bit more closely!! :)

Jacqueline Diamond said...

Thanks for posting, and for your good wishes!