Saturday, August 23, 2008

They Call It French Country

I'm so excited! I have to share this news with everyone. I have new bedroom furniture. Now, I know some of you are thinking, big deal, it's only furniture. But I have been waiting years — no, decades — for this.

Let me give you a little of my bedroom furniture history, then you'll understand better why I'm overreacting.

When I was twelve, my mother bought me new bedroom furniture. When I got my first apartment as a junior in college, my mother gave me my childhood furniture. I continued to use it FOR YEARS. When my husband and I got married, we wanted something a little more "adult" for our first house. Not having a ton of money, we purchased a set of used furniture. Now, this was a nice set and of excellent quality, so it lasted FOR YEARS. Just to give you an idea how long, my husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary earlier this year.

No one could argue that I was due for something new.

This picture I've posted really doesn't do my new furniture justice. And I couldn't fit all the pieces in one shot. But it's so cool. I actually a lingerie chest, for crying out loud. It's as tall as me with all these little drawers for my unmentionables, of which I had to buy more just to fill the extra space (grin).

Well, I've got to run. There's a teeny smudge on the front of the night stand that needs polishing.

Cathy Mc


Trish Milburn said...

Congrats on your new furniture, Cathy. We still have the Early Married hand-me-down collection even though we've been married nearly 16 years. Oh well, when I'm a NYT bestseller I'll head out to Santa Fe and load up on all the cool Southwestern stuff I wish I had instead. :)

EllenToo said...

Isn't new furniture great especially if you have been waiting forever to be able to buy it.
I would love to have a lingerie chest with all the little drawers. I had one as a child )it was a hand me down) but it got destroyed in one of our many moves.

Lee McKenzie said...

Gorgeous furniture, Cathy! Sweet dreams!

Cathy McDavid said...

Thanks, all for letting me share. I'm still in love. Every time I walk in the bedroom, I give a little sigh of happiness.

Cathy Mc