Thursday, August 21, 2008

Late Hello from Texas

Today is my critique group/lunch group day, so I didn't even look at my Daytimer, phone or computer until just now, and realized today is the 21st. Sorry to blog so late. The past few weeks have been rather foggy for me, and I don't mean just because of the unusually wet weather we've had here in the Dallas area. Let me tell you how it started.

In mid-July I attended and spoke at the Author!Author! event in Shreveport, LA with my daughter. Of course, since we were in Shreveport, we had to go to the casino. This was her one weekend away from her husband and two girls, ages three months and two years, and she really wanted to enjoy the freedom.

As we were leaving the casino, I spotted a little kitten in the valet parking area. It was hiding under a car and I was sure that it would get run over. No one at the casino knew anything about the kitten, so I made an executive decision that we should take it with us. It attached itself to my daughter's neck and didn't let go until she went into the convenience store and bought it some food. My daughter, who had been looking forward to getting a full night's sleep for the first time in months, ended up with a kitten curled around her head.

Did I mention that she's allergic to cats?

The next day, I tried to contact the animal rescue groups, but no one returned my calls. I ended up at Wal-Mart before going to the author event, buying lots of things for what we now called "Lucky," as in the luckiest cat in Shreveport. Fortunately, the hotel we were staying at accepted pets. Staying in the kitty crate all day was very effective at litter box training Lucky.

We brought Lucky home to Richardson, TX with us. I was sure we could find him/her (I wasn't really sure) a good home, and we did. The daughter of our neighbor was ready for a cat now that she was in grad school. She was on vacation for a week, though, so we kept the kitten in our house. To get Lucky ready for his/her new home, however, I felt obligated to take the kitten to the vet, spending about $250 when I discovered he had three parasites and ear mites.

Did I mention that my husband and I are both allergic to cats?

The outcome of all this kitty story is that first I got allergies, then a cold, then a sinus infection. I had already decided not to go the the Romance Writers Conference in San Francisco, which turned out to be a great choice since that was probably my sickest week ever. I've been on some really strong antibiotics for three days now and I'm feeling much better.

But, I console myself with the fact that the luckiest kitten in Shreveport now has a good home, no worms, parasites or ear mites. And I'll be well soon. I hope. Wish me luck!


EllenToo said...

Glad you are feeling better after your cat adventure, allergies, etc.
I know all about allergies and cats and dogs. And Lucky can consider himself/herself (did you find out which)very lucky you found him/her.

Victoria Chancellor said...

Thanks, Ellen. I'm feeling much better every day. I take comfort in the fact that Lucky (who is now being called Oliver, or when he won't come, Lucky Oliver) is truly a lucky kitty to find a soft-hearted animal lover like me in all the hundreds of people that must have been there that night. He is in fact a boy kitty, so he'll get fixed as soon as he's old enough. However, I don't have to pay for that. :) I have four cats of my own, mostly strays that found their way to my doorstep, patio and garage. They all stay outside, although they would love to come in whenever they wanted to. I have a nice kitty condo for them in the garage and a sheltered place on the front patio. Have a great weekend!