Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Recharged, refreshed and Ready

School starts today. While I've been technically back at work since July 29, today was my first day with a full slate of classes. I'm teaching yearbook, newspaper, journalism, photojournalism, ninth grade English and next semester, one section of novel. It's a lot. But I'm ready.

It's been a great summer, but I admit I missed my classroom. Yesterday was freshmen orientation and my class came by so I got to meet some of them. Yesterday we also had our professional development sampler. This year my publication staffs will build a website and blog. I will work on studying Marzano. I'm recharged and refreshed, and excited about everything--and refusing to panic as it seems way too much.

My ninth graders are starting with To Kill a Mockingbird, and I'm tying it into the November presidental election. Back in Scout Finch's day, no one would have thought we'd see a woman and a black man vie for a nomination, much less a black man be the candidate for president. No matter the vote, it's like the 4x100 freestyle relay where America won. It gives you positive chills.

Today was only a half day, but tomorrow is the full day. I'm ready.



MaryF said...

I don't know how you HS teachers do it. My ds is in HS and while he loves most of his teachers, I just think you guys are a special breed to deal with dozens of those kids each day.

I still have....6 days. Just got my hair cut and haven't even THOUGHT of lesson plans.

Estella said...

I admire anyone who can spend a whole day with teenagers and still come out of it sane.

Ellen said...

Looks like you have a really full schedule this year. I taught a long time and can remember several years where I was teaching 6 different subjects I sure didn't enjoy it. Most of the time I was teaching ninth grade with special education students mixed in with regular students. The last two years they finally wised up and paired me with a special ed teacher for 3 periods a day which is when they put the SE students in my classes.

Anonymous said...

Estella, Sane? Who says I'm sane? LOL

Mary, I don't think of lesson plans until the last minute either. I simply can't do it until I'm in the building.

Ellen, I've never taught class within a class, so hat's off to you!