Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm a reincarnated Amish Woman

Okay, I know that sounds whacky, but sometimes I really think I lived in another time period. And here's why:

--I hate technology…don't even ask me how to use the TIVO in our house. Don't ask me how to program the remote control not when I just mastered how to set the clock on the microwave. My DD typed out and printed off step-by-step directions on how to save my books onto a thumb drive--took me forever to memorize them. This month I used my last 3 ½ floppy to save the book I just sent my editor-- now I'm all in a panic because I don't have a valid excuse not to save my next book to a CD when I send it in.

--If someone asks me to choose between shopping at a high-end department store or checking out the local flea market--flea market wins every time.

--If I had a choice of spending the day at a resort spa or treasure hunting in an off-the-beaten-path hole in the wall town somewhere in Texas--I'll take the hole-in-the-wall

--I don’t get excited when my husband sends me flowers, but I'm over the moon when he says "Oh, go ahead and buy that old fashioned milk can for the front porch."

--If I don’t drive through the country and see cornfields, silos and barns at least every other day I feel lost.

--When I drive past an old dilapidated barn circa 1900's I shiver and my mind races with images of days gone by

--I get all excited going into a historical meat market in a nearby town because I get to look at the old photographs circa 1800's of the town and its people displayed on the walls.

--One entire wall (from floor to ceiling) in my living room is filled with vintage black and white portraits of my ancestors some dating back to the Civil war era

--I'm more at ease eating in a rundown diner than swank restaurant

--I like physical labor, don’t mind sweating and love working in a garden

--my dream vacation is following the Oregon Trail in a Winnebago

--I get excited when I see Historical Markers alongside the road

--I got light-headed and dizzy and swore I heard voices in my head when I stood by the fossilized ruts of the wagon trains that traveled the Oregon Trail through South Dakota

--Out of all the books I've written for the American line, I felt most connected with the characters in my *Hearts of Appalachia* series.

Anyone else ever feel like they've lived in another century--or know someone who swears they have? If not, then maybe I am whacky!

For The Children
*Honorable Mention 2008 Hollywood Book Festival*
In A Cowboy's Arms
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A Coal Miner's Wife August 2008


Ellen said...

I don't personally know anyone who feels they lived in another century but I have heard people speak on that topic. I'm inclined to believe it is possible that people from another century are telling you their story and you're not whacky.

Emma said...

Hi marin I just finished reading A Coal's Miner's wife it was a wonderful story. I can't wait till The cowboy and the angel is out.I enjoy reading all of your books.

Marin Thomas said...

Ellen, you might be right--Maybe one of my relatives from the 18th century is trying to communicate with me!

Emma, I'm so glad you enjoyed A Coal Miner's Wife. I have an elderly relative on my father's side who grew up in the hills of Tennessee--she got her first pair of real shoes at age 16. Before that she wrapped her feet in newspaper when she played outside. Her stories of living in the "woods" inspired me to write a series set in Appalachia