Saturday, December 08, 2007


Hi all,
I can't believe we're at the end of another year. Where did the time go? We're all facing the busiest time of the year.

As I think about the holidays, I think about family and traditions. In my family we always gather on Christmas Eve with my brothers and their families. This is probably the only time of the year we’re all together. The family is getting larger and we still continue the tradition. I look forward to it every year and just watching the excitement of the little ones. As I’ve gotten older I tend to lose that excitement in all the hustle and bustle of getting everything done.

This year my goal is enjoy the moment and feel the excitement, like a little kid. (May be totally impossible.)

Do you have traditions in your family? Or goals for the season.

This is my last post for 2007, so I wish you all a happy and joyous holiday season. And I wish you love.
Happy New Year.


Estella said...

Happy Holidays Linda!

Linda Warren said...

You, too. I hope it's cooler where you live. It's hot here in Texas and doesn't even feel like the holidays.

Ellen said...

Oh, I don't know Linda - being hot in Texas on Christmas seems like a tradition.
Anyway Happy Holidays.

Linda Warren said...

I know. I've lived here all my life and I STILL wish for Christmas weather.
People are shopping in shorts and T's and snow is nowhere in sight. Nor is it likely to be. But we still dream.

Lily said...

Happy Holidays... my goals for the holiday season is to not eat to much!

Christa said...

We always celebrate Christmas Eve. My parent's church put on a Christmas Eve program by the kids. It's only about an hour and goes from like 7-8. We try to take the kids that still believe in Santa. The people that stayed behind gather the presents and put them under the tree so when the kids come back Santa's been there but everybody that stayed behind were too busy and didn't see nothing everyone was busy :-) Also with gathering Christmas Eve a lot more of us are able to get together because most other families gather Christmas Day.

Linda Where abouts in Texas, my friends are truck drivers and were stuck in Armarillo because of an ice storm

Linda Warren said...

That's always my goal, too, and I never seem to keep it. No will power at this time of the year. Besides I need nourishment for all the shopping and decorating. LOL

Linda Warren said...

There's something magical about watching the light in children's eyes at Christmas. And it sounds as if your family have a very magical Christmas Eve.

I live in College Station, about an hour and a half from Houston. Amarillo is in the panhandle and it's always colder there. Last year I think they got eight inches of snow, but not here in central Texas. Actually we'd all be stuck in our houses because we don't know how to get around in snow.
Happy holidays!

Nathalie said...

Happy holidays... my goal is to shop less this year, so I can enjoy the holidays and not get engrossed in the buying frenzy!

Linda Warren said...

We decided that, too, this year on my side of the family. It's too much stuff and no one really needs anything. The family keeps getting bigger and it's getting so expensive. So the adults are doing the white elephant exchange and the kids drew names. This way we're hoping to have more time to visit and enjoy the holiday.

We've been doing this for years on my husband's side of the family. What can I say? They must be smarter. LOL