Friday, November 16, 2007

TV and Reality

I confess that lately I'm having trouble enjoying TV shows. I find myself constantly picking them apart. Anyone watch Friday Night Lights?

I lived in Texas for several years and in one town where football was everything--except it wasn't as rural as Dillon, Texas. I don’t want to nit-pick the show; especially if some of you have TIVO'd the program to watch later. But every episode I end up muttering to my husband "Like a kid would get away with that in real life." Or "Yeah, right, school counselors always walk around flashing their cleavage." And yes I do understand that the cleavage shots are strictly to entertain male viewers…if anyone has any doubts just turn on the Ghost Whisper when your husband or teenage son is in the room and watch him suddenly find the storyline fascinating. My husband responds to my mutterings with …"Hey, its television" Or "It's entertainment, it doesn’t have to be real or make sense."

Maybe writing romance books is responsible for ruining my enjoyment of TV. Today's romance readers demand stories rooted in reality--they want to believe that what happens to the hero or heroine could happen to someone in real life and I strive for that in my books. So…does anyone else feel this way about TV shows or am I just plain weird?

Happy Reading and TV viewing!

*Hearts of Appalachia*
For The Children (Oct 07)
In A Soldier's Arms (Feb 08)
A Coal Miner's Wife (Aug 08)


BethRe said...

Marin, I wonder myself how long the reality tv series will go on and what will be next

Estella said...

I don't even watch tv.
The shows are just stupid.

Marin Thomas said...

Brethe...I, too wonder when people will get tired of reality TV

Estella, lol, I hear you, yes some shows are pretty stupid, but if I didn't watch one or two at night with my husband I'd never see him!


Ellen said...

I agree that some TV shows are hard to take because they are so unreal and others are just stupid. I don't watch reality shows mainly because they make people act in stupid ways and sometimes turn vicious.

Ellen Too

Nathalie said...

I love also a great show that is realistic and not over the top!

Danny said...

If reality TV were of actual reality, it would be boring... It's getting people into those weird situations that gets people watching. :)