Monday, November 19, 2007

My November Release

All I Want for Christmas, my November Harlequin American, has the cutest cover ever! (See the sidebar, or visit This is the first story that takes place on Halo Island, a fictitious island in the San Juans of the Pacific Northwest. The island takes its name from the halo-shaped fog that sometimes hovers over the sound.

Ryan Chase, the hero, is raising his young daughter, Maggie, alone. Thanks to a great deal of emotional turmoil, little Maggie suffers from nightly bad dreams. In an effort to help her, Ryan has given up his successful business in Los Angeles and moved to the island where life isn’t so hectic and he can focus on her.

Tina Morrell was raised on the island but has moved to Seattle. Her job means everything to her, and she is climbing the corporate ladder. She comes home to take care of the woman who raised her while she recuperates from hip surgery. This woman just happens to live across the street from Ryan.

I don’t want to give away the story, so that’s all I’m saying. ☺ Except to wish one and all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow I’ll be guest blogging at with a Thanksgiving message for everyone. Please stop by!

Until later,

Mitch Takes A Wife, August 2007
All I Want for Christmas, November 2007


Christa said...

I'm saving this one for December(actually all Christmas books) so soon.

Ann Roth said...


I so understand. :-). Seems like every year the Christmas season starts earlier.

Estella said...

Am looking forward to reading All I Want For Christmas.

Nathalie said...

I am also keeping all christmas themed books for December!

Ann Roth said...

Who knows why the publishers (and merchants) push these things out so early? She said, knowing perfectly well why... Kaching!

Ann Roth said...

Thanks, Estella. I hope you like it. :-)

Ellen said...

I love the cover on ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS.
I read the books as soon as I can after they come out but sometimes that's December because of the number of books I read. It's nice being retired and not having any distractions around.

Ann Roth said...

Wow, Ellen. That's great, you having time to read whenever you feel like it. :-)

BethRe said...

Book sounds great