Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bad News/Good News Week

I'm posting really late today, and I'm sorry. It's been one of those weeks. My son was in the hospital this past Friday and Saturday. All is well now but it was kind of a bad couple of days there (he'd had what should have been minor sinus surgery three weeks ago but something went wrong and he suddenly had this severe, uncontrolled bleeding from his nose).

And, I have a cold. Not that a cold is anything like losing two liters of blood through your nose, but I'm miserable. Maybe it's a sympathy illness for my son — he did have plugs in his nose for four days and sounded like he had a cold.

On a positive note, I typed "The End" yesterday on my latest book. Still have a lot of editing ahead of me before I have to ship it off next week, but it's a good feeling to be done. More than good. It's great! I counted, and this is my twelfth completed book (not including all those other ones I started and didn't get past chapter four or five). The two most thrilling moments for me in writing a book is the beginning when I'm falling in love with the story and the characters and the end when I've given them their happily ever after. I think it's probably that way with a lot of writers and readers.

Well, I'm off to nurse my cold, kiss my son and kick back on the couch for some more editing. Hopefully by my next post in September, I'll be deep in the process of falling in love with the characters in my next book.


Maureen said...

I am glad your son is doing better and congratulations on finishing the book.

nathalie said...

It must be so great when you ahve finished such an accomplishment... the word end must be very soothing :)

Heather MacAllister said...

Cathy, I have an idea of what your son went through. Mine had deviated septum surgery a couple of weeks ago and . . . yeah. Daily doctor visits for the next week.

Congrats on finishing!

Cathy McDavid said...

Thanks for the supporting words, Maureen and Nathlie. Glad son is okay, glad book is done!!

Heather, what is it with these deviated septum surgeries, huh? That's what my son had (broke his nose a few years ago when another kid kicked him while they were playing).

Apparently, his severe allergies played a part in the nose bleed. Anyway, he's much better. But I never want to go through that again.

Cathy Mc