Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm Too Pooped to Smooch!!

Ahh . . . Valentine’s Day.

Having almost literally just stepped off a plane after spending a week with ten thousand cheerleaders in Orlando for the UCA National Cheerleading Championship, romance is the last thing on my mind!! Smooches? Um, truthfully, I’d rather sleep!! LOL!!

Some of my fave Valentine’s Day memories are actually with my dad. He’d always come home extra late with gifts for me and Mom that were wrapped in tin foil. When I was little, he’d get me candy bars and piles of fab magazines like Tiger Beat! When I was older, he switched to jewelry. He has a friend who designs jewelry, so Mom and I would always get something awesome. One year, I got a gold mouse ring-- "he’s" adorable, and has rubies for eyes. Another year, Dad gave Mom and I matching Razorback necklace charms. As wonderful as those gifts were, the most memorable, was my freshman year in college.

Dad made a surprise visit to my dorm at the University of Arkansas, with candy and a cute tea mug with a lid to keep my tea warm. That year, I was lonely, and really missing my dad. Then poof!! There he was!! I still use the mug!!

Hubby and I have always celebrated quietly. Like steaks or pizza at a home, followed by a cuddling and a video rental.

Both sons, on the other hand, are all about the sweeping romantic gestures. Right now, I’m supposed to be grabbing a dozen roses for Son #1’s girlfriend. Son #2 was thoughtful enough to have done of all his shopping early!! Hubby greeted me and Daughter at the airport with super pretty hot pink dozens.

Anyone out there have a crazy romantic Valentine’s story to share? If so, I’d love to hear it!!

Happy Smooching!! ;-)


Chelle Sandell said...
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Chelle Sandell said...

Since my hubby is in Iraq, I thought this year would be low-key. He is the grill master and usually we do a nice steak and seafood night and put kids to bed early;) This year he made sure he sent money to his dad to buy my favorite pink tulips and he was able to call to wish me a happy day. I got more attention from friends and family this year than I've had in years...kinda nice, but still lonely. At least I got my writing quota done!

Hey...did you guys get any snow? We got about an inch...just enough to make the roads slick.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Aw, Chelle, that's sooo sweet of your hubby!!!! My agent's hubby was in Iraq for two years, and just got home. When is your guy due back?

We did get a dusting of snow. It's icky-foo cold!!! We just got home from a basketball game, and the air was so cold, it hurts to breathe!!!!

Yay for you on getting your writing done!!! Wish I could say the same!! LOL!!

Chelle Sandell said...

Hubby just left unfortunately but he'll be home in May for R & R. He won't be home for good until next January but he's talking about resigning for two years. He's already wanting me to reserve hotel room for May and to make arrangements for kids.