Monday, December 04, 2006

My Name is Shelley and I'm a Wrestling Parent

Right now I feel like I'm two people. By day, I'm Shelley Galloway, Harlequin American Author. I spend my days writing as much as I can, cleaning up the house, running errands...pretty much doing all the things I thought and hoped I'd be doing back when I was young and dreaming about growing up. I do 'girlie' things, too. I get my nails done. I needlepoint. I really like the Hallmark channel.
I also have become a high school wrestling fan.
Yep, my fifteen year old is a high school wrestler. I now spend my evenings worrying about pins and headlocks, ringworm and 'alpha weight'. Sweaty gymnasiums suddenly don't smell too bad to me. I've got a year's supply of Selsen Blue and Lysol in my bathroom. And, I found myself standing up and cheering next to my husband when my kid won a really tough match that involved blood!
Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be excited about these things.
I guess that's why life is so good, huh? Thank goodness we get to do things we'd never thought we'd ever do. Like cheer for a certain sweaty boy who's now taller than me.
And spend my days thinking of another story to tell.


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Marin Thomas said...

Hi Shelley! Congratulations on your son's wrestling success! I grew up with cousins who wrestled and it was a BIG deal to be on the team. I think in the Mid-west wrestling is very popular. When we lived in Texas...the only sport talked about was football lol!