Friday, June 07, 2013

Writing about cowboys (or astronauts or firefighters) can be challenging to those not living in those areas of the country or not in that line of work. In the Midwest, we don't have many cowboys. I can research horses at our local stables and through the Internet, but the mind-set of the cowboy is more of a mystery. Face it, 1) he's a man, which makes it hard enough to figure what's going on in his head, and 2) he's usually the quiet type, not revealing much by talk and internalizing all his feelings. At least my cowboy heroes are.

I like the *idea* of the hard-partying cowboy, but I've never quite latched onto him as a hero. Maybe someday...

I'm hooked on the new A&E TV series Longmire. Why? It's complex. It has people with real life problems, set in a locale alien to me. The hero is flawed. Deeply. Secrets abound in his life and in the county he oversees.

But I'm pretty sure I love the series for the same reason we all love cowboys.
Walt Longmire is a man of strength and honor, upholding the law, doing what's right for his county. He respects people and understands them. He fights for truth and justice. He lives the "American way." Pardon me for borrowing the label from another superhero, but Superman has a lot in common with the cowboy.

So while we wait to watch Longmire or Man of Steel, we have books to read (like those to the right) that will fill the need to believe in honorable men who do the right thing. Just because that's who they are to the core of their being.

Wishing you many happy days of reading,

Megan Kelly


Anonymous said...

I love books about cowboys.

Tammy Yenalavitch said...

I love books with Cowboys. I haven't watched Longmire yet. But, I do love Justified.

linda s said...

Thanks for the recommendation. My son has set up the PVR to record Longmire. I love cowboy cops.

If you want to see real hero cowboys party hardy, I highly recommend the dance held at the community hall after most small town rodeos. oh yeah...