Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Treasuring the old and the new

Each January, because I blog on the first of the month, I have the privilege and responsibility of ushering in a new year.

Sometimes I do so light heartedly. Other times, I’m more introspective. This is a particularly emotional time because my mother, internationally renowned ceramic sculptor Sylvia Hyman, died December 23 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Although she was 95, she had been actively working in the studio until early December, when she fell ill. A younger person might have survived the series of infections and related ills that befell her, but she wasn’t strong enough.

We live in a miraculous age when many of us, including me, have survived ailments and complications that would have killed us off in an earlier era. That’s assuming we hadn’t succumbed to any of a zillion now-vanquished childhood illnesses. Still, losing our elders is painful, at any age.

In my family, we’re grateful to have the older generation still contributing to our lives. My stepfather turned 101 on December 24. Today, January 1, we’re celebrating the eightieth birthday of my husband’s stepmother.

So a new year dawns, filled with change and promise as our family’s younger generation moves into the future. What a bittersweet reminder of how temporary is the reality in which we live, and how precious.

Now for a more cheerful matter. Each month on my website, I offer a special for readers. In case you've resolved to work on your novel this year, I’m offering my ebook How to Write a Novel in One (Not-so-easy) Lesson, for 99 cents through January 31. I hope it’s helpful.

May your new year be filled with happy surprises.


Kaelee said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mother passing away. I wish you many, happy memories. I only have one aunt left on my husband's side so I'm the older generation now. I have wonderful memories of my parents and they are near the surface of my brain over the holidays.

I just stopped in to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Marin Thomas said...

Jackie, I'm so sorry to hear of your mother's passing--she was an amazing woman! I lost my 94-year-old grandmother last April and we still feel that "older generation" loss as her great-grandchildren (in their early 20's) are now old enough to be curious about her life and I wish she was here to answer their questions and tell her stories to them.

I hope your memories of your mother and her amazing art work help you through this rough time.

Jacqueline Diamond said...

Thanks, Kaelee and Marin, for your sympathy. I'm glad my mother was able to use her creative talents and share her generosity with family and friends for so many years.

Sara said...

I am sorry to hear of your mother's passing. I know how difficult it must have been. My mom is 96 and she is living a peaceful life in a wonderful nursing home where she is loved and well cared for. But, I also know that I don't know how long I will have her so I treasure the days.

Happy New Year!

Ann Roth said...

Jackie- I am so sorry about your mom, but she lived a long and productive life. And your stepdad is still going strong--that's amazing. You know I am in awe of your career. 90 books!! That's something special.

Happy New Year!

Laura Marie Altom said...

So sorry about your mom's passing, Jackie. She sounds like an amazingly talented woman.

Kind of like another woman I know--hint, hint!!

I'm sure she was crazy proud to have you for a daughter!!