Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Last year in Texas the severe drought killed a lot of tress and shrubs. In our yard we lost an oak tree, our magnolia, fig and peach tree and my gardenia bush. I loved that bush. It was at the corner of our house and when the bush was in bloom you could smell it. Lovely. I missed it this spring, so my husband and I decided to replant. Well, he does the work. I do the heavy thinking. Or maybe nagging. I wanted our fruit trees back and especially the gardenia bush.

The dead trees have been removed and new ones planted. The peach tree had several blooms which turned into tiny peaches. I was excited and then one morning we went out and all the peaches were on the ground, pecked and eaten by birds. Now we’re dealing with pesky birds. So far they haven’t bothered the figs and there are tons on the little tree. I think we need a scarecrow or something.  I can remember my mom tying aluminum pans to fruit trees so the birds wouldn’t bother them. They tingled in the wind and worked, so we may resort to tying pie pans on the tree. Do you have any ideas for keeping birds away?

Have you planted anything new this spring?

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Tammy Yenalavitch said...

Hi Linda,

Good luck with all your planting. I have not planted anything this year. My husband is trying to get the grass to grow instead of dandelion weeds.

Linda Warren said...

Hi Tammy,
I hear you about the weeds. Those little suckers are hardy and will grow when grass won't - even without water.

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Amanda Renée said...

Happy Planting! I need to start thinking about this for my yard. The drought here in South Carolina had the same effect. I lost half of my bushes last year. I have small inexpensive ($1-$3) wind chimes scattered throughout to chase off the birds. I usually pick them up at CVS during the summer months. Unfortunately, they don't scare off the squirrels and they are my biggest offenders lately.

Linda Warren said...

Hi Amanda,
I hadn't thought of wind chimes. They would work the same as a aluminum pan and would be much more attractive. Thanks. Another job for hubby.