Monday, September 17, 2012

Wait...let me think....

As an author involved—and in love—with the written word, I'll confess math isn't one of my favorite subjects.  

It's not much of a strong point for me, either.  But when it comes to tips and tax and sale discounts, I could always calculate them in my head.  On paper, I could do long division and multiply numbers of multiple digits.  Yes, I rock.  (grin)  Or at least, I did when I could do those things once upon a time.  

Not any more.  Guess why.


Give up?

I put a shortcut to a calculator on my desktop computer and found out how to program a speed button for the calculator on my phone.  Since then, my love of technology—related to math, anyhow—has increased in proportion to the dwindling of my mathematical skills.

It's scary, especially when I'm at a year-end clearance sale, for instance, where you really have to be quick on your feet and in your head.

Even simple numbers, like passwords, are going the way of the long division problems.  Okay, that's because I have approximately 732 passwords to remember, some of which only get used every six months to a year or so.  And I realize that's not exactly a matter that requires mathematical computation, but still...they're numbers, you know?  LOL  

Speaking of which...for every person I'm in frequent contact with and/or want to be able to reach in a hurry, I make sure to keep the phone number very handy. 

On my contacts list—in my cell phone. 

Yes, of course, I keep backups.  At home.  But if I'm on the run and the battery bottoms out...or the cell phone dies...or there's an accident and the phone's demolished...

Think about these things for a minute.  Seriously. 

When's the last time you did anything more than a simple math calculation by hand or in your head? 

And what if an emergency occurred and you needed to reach someone in an instant?

I'll be back.  But while you're thinking, I'm going to go memorize my husband's cell phone number....

All my best to you,
August 2012


Barbara White Daille


Amanda Renée said...

I would be lost without my iPhone. I have a photographic memory and can commit just about any phone number and license plate to memory at first glance (neat party trick) But the chances of me remembering who that number or plate belongs too are slim to none. LOL!

Barbara White Daille said...

Amanda - I see what you mean about remembering the connections.

But I would have loved having a photographic memory when I was in school! Very handy when studying for tests. ;)


Kaelee said...

I refuse to program phone numbers into my phone. I have to remember them. I know about 20 basic numbers for family and I'm always quicker than my sister who has to scroll through her list on the phone.

Barbara White Daille said...

Kaelee - wow, you're good!

I'm always quicker with my paper calendar, etc. than I am at opening the ones on my phone.

But 20 phone numbers is impressive. And probably great for helping to keep your memory sharp!


Tammy Yenalavitch said...

I have too much to remember since I am a Mom and a full time Customer Service rep. I have the phone numbers I need for work on a printed sheet by my desk. I do know my husband's work and cell numbers.

Barbara - you rock!

Barbara White Daille said...

Tammy - being a mom definitely adds to the list of things to remember.

Good for you for being so organized with the work numbers, too!