Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Stop and Smell the... Snow?

Today, I'm starting a new project while I wait to hear if my latest proposal will be bought.  My problem is I'm going to write a Christmas story, and  it's been 100 plus degrees this summer.  Although today we're "only" getting up to 97.  :)  

Getting into the mood to write about the frigid cold, wet snowflakes, and Christmas romance when I can barely muster the energy to open my laptop?  Not so easy.

I was glad to read Ann Roth's post for tips on cooling down.  Perhaps if I do some of these things, getting into the holiday mood will be easier.

Maybe I should read some Christmas/winter books. My office is in the basement, which can be downright chilly, so I might have an advantage there. Obviously, readers in the Southern Hemisphere (for instance, Down Under) have the opposite problem.  It's summer for Christmas there, and our books depict a winter Christmas. 

Which got me to wondering about readers' habits. 

Does the season in the book matter to you?  Does it throw you off to read books "out of season?"  Do you ever pick up a Christmas book in the summer for the purpose of transporting yourself to a cooler time? 

Or have you accidentally started a winter book in the summer and had to put it down because you couldn't relate right now?

Thanks for the answers. I'm curious about offering a "Christmas in July" promo before this book is released (I self-pubbed a Christmas book last year that I could offer).  But if no one's interested, I won't do it.

Have a great holiday...er, week.  Stay cool out there.
Megan  Kelly



Tammy Yenalavitch said...

I will read a Christmas book out of season. In fact, I am going to read Jesse: Merry Christmas, Cowboy right after I finish Elly's book.

linda s said...

I read Christmas books whenever I find them. Obviously, most come out at Christmas but... if I come across Christmas books out of season, I don't mind. Also, for me, Christmas doesn't have to be cold and snowy. We have spent many Christmas' in the tropics and Christmas is still Christmas.

EllenToo said...

I will read books about winter in the summer (even if it is 100° and it almost is right now where I live)or summer in the winter. If it is a good book I'll read it anytime of the year.

Megan Kelly said...

Well, this is encouraging. Thanks everyone. I love Christmas and Christmas romance works for me any time. Glad I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

I love Christmas books and movies all year, can't get enough of them.


Megan Kelly said...

I like the Christmas movies too, Caroline. I watch "While You Were Sleeping" year round.