Thursday, July 05, 2012


 And the livin’ is easyor so the song goes. I don’t know about that. Sure, the days are long, the flowers are lush, and the fruits and veggies are amazing. But despite the lovely weather, most of us still have to work.

Except on holidays. The Fourth is usually filled with fun and relaxation. If we’re lucky, the holiday falls on a Friday or Monday and we get a long weekend. This year, that wasn’t the case, and now that the celebration is over, many of us are back at work. Whether we want to be there or not.

Don’t get me wrongI love what I do. Writing is my passion, and I thoroughly bringing the ideas in my head to life. But on a hot summer day, sitting at my desk and focusing on work isn’t always easy. The allure of heading for the beach or the woods or simply taking a book outside and reading in the shade is tough to fight.

So here’s my burning question of the day: How do you fight the urge to play hooky?

Until next month and hoping to learn some great hooky-fighting ideas,



Tammy Yenalavitch said...

Fish are jumping and the cotton is high - Love that song.

I work full time - but I try to take a vacation every summer. This year we are going to California in August.

Ann Roth said...

Hi, Tammy-

Vacations help, that's for sure!Have a great time in California!

BW said...

I'll being taking off a few days later this month and will be going to upstate New York.

Ann Roth said...

BW, that sounds fun, too!

linda s said...

No ideas here. I adore playing hookey! We have such few long sunny days here, I never feel guilty for going outside when the sun shines.

Ann Roth said...

Linda, you must live in the Pacific Northwest, as I do. It's so gorgeous here today... but I have been "good" and written my daily pages. Now I'm headin' out!!!

linda s said...

Have fun. Tomorrow the beach and Sunday, strawberry fields... Summer!