Thursday, March 15, 2012


A little background. Soon after we married, my hubby agreed to take me and two of my girlfriends to a Neil Diamond concert. Personal quirk, I have to be early to those things. So we’re sitting in our lower balcony seats and he’s got the binoculars watching people, girls probably. Suddenly he stops and looks at me, hands me the binoculars and tells me to look on the tenth row back. Wouldn’t tell me what I was looking for, just that I’d know it when I saw it. I scanned and suddenly stopped breathing. There was a girl who looked so much like me, I couldn’t believe it. Auburn hair, same style cut. She was even dressed in emerald green, my favorite color at the time. Obviously, made an impression.

But over the holidays, I’ve been thinking about how certain actors resemble actors from earlier generations. It started when my mom was watching an old episode of Jag. She’s addicted to the star, David James Elliott. I never watched the show, but Mom was also a huge Rock Hudson fan and she pointed to the screen and said something along the lines of, “There hasn’t been an actor that good looking since Rock Hudson.

So I started thinking. Scary, I know.

The obvious - Brad Pitt. Anyone except me see the close resemblance to Redford?

And speaking of Redford, what about Newman? Matt McConoughey?


linda s said...

Oh , my. That is amazing. They could be brothers... well maybe an old uncle and nephew. Thanks for the smile.

Pamela Stone said...

Hey Linda, thanks for stopping by. They are all 4 pretty gorgeous, huh?

Linda Warren said...

The resemblence is uncanny, especially Newman and Matt. They have the exact same nose. Hmmm?