Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-Day Fairy vs. Fixing the Hot Water Heater

Hubby's sweet gift came early this year with this hot pink Oilers 
jersey from one of my fave players, Jeff Terminesi!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Funny, how over the years the day's meaning and/or events have changed.  When I was a kid, Mom and I couldn't wait for Dad to get home.  He'd always have one or two tin-foil-wrapped gifts for each of us.  For me, sometimes as simple as a teen magazine I'd been wanting and a big candy bar.  In my teens, I usually got a special piece of jewelry--my favorite, a tiny mouse set atop a gold ring.  He even has ruby eyes!  Mom and I were just talking with Dad about how much we looked forward to seeing him, guessing at what surprises he might bring.

As a teen, of course the big day was all about romance!!!  The year I received a bouquet from my boyfriend, one from my parents and another from my ex-boyfriend's mother who I'm pretty sure still wishes we were back together, was a super exciting year!!

In college, the day became less about what I got and more about what I could give.  Back then, the University of Arkansas choir sold singing telegrams for five bucks!  God bless Whitney Houston, as her songs were the best for wooing and landed my hubby!!  Music holds the power to transform all of us into time-travelers and for me, her voice and lyrics transport me to those special college times.

Fast forward a few years and the twins were introduced to the Valentine Fairy!!  I was always Little Terry's Valentine and hubby was Hannah's.  The Valentine Fairy always added a little extra sparkle--a Barbie or Pokemon cards.

Now, Hubby and I are pretty content lounging in our PJs in front of the fire and romantic gifts usually consist of fixing something broken around the house!!  LOL!!

This year, however, Hannah will be doing her Ice Girl thing at tonight's Oilers game, so we'll romance over a shared order of Billy's onion rings at the BOK Center!!  Wish the hot pink jersey we won at auction Saturday night would be ready to wear, but alas, it's still being fumigated!!  (Hockey players might look good, but wow, do they work up a sweaty funk!!  LOL!!)

What phase of Valentine's Day are you all in?  Whichever it is, hope you're surrounded by LOVE!!!    


Tammy Yenalavitch said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Laura. Funny how our expectations change over the years. I am happy with a box of chocolates these days. It doesn't even have to be heart-shaped.

Marin Thomas said...

I bought my hubby a University of Arizona hockey jersey for his birthday this year...I must admit it is a "nice" piece of clothing...now if I could find a pink jersey I might wear one to a game :-)

linda s said...

My comment didn't post so I'll try again. This year was a circle back in time. Had Shreddies with Valentine sprinkles for Grandbaby for breakfast. Then spent the morning with stickers, crayons, markers and colored paper making Valentines for his parents, unka and other grandparents.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Tammy, you're so right!! LOL!! My sweet oldest son brought me flowers and then apologized for not bringing chocolate, because I'm doing Weight Watchers. Bleh. I was so touched, but man, I wanted that chocolate!!

Marin, your hubby is a lucky man to have YOU!! My pink jersey was a charity version to support local breast cancer charities.

Linda, gotta confess I'm looking forward to a few years from now when we've got little ones in the family again!! Sounds like you had a magical day!!!