Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fort Worth Stockyards

If you’ve followed my blogs over the past few months, you’ve probably noticed that my hubby and I have been making an effort to get out and do different things. Having moved to a small town, it’s been fun to check out the local culture and activities.
But this month was our anniversary and we decided to just go bumming around for the day. One of our favorite pass times. No agenda, no plan. One thing leads to the next.
Hubby is a Fort Worth historian. He has shelves of books, old bottles, and tokens he’s collected from Forth Worth. And my current work in progress is centered around a Texas cowboy. So we ended up in the Fort Worth Stock Yards. Toured the cowboy museum, watched the cowboys herd the longhorns down Main Street. Checked out the local shops and watched a couple two-step to the tune of a guy strumming a guitar in front of one of the shops. We ended our day at the Flying Saucer Bar in downtown Fort Worth, sipping a beer and watching the sun fade away.
Quite a fun day given that we had no plans. Something a little different than dinner and a movie anyway.

What type of local activities do you have where you live?


Kathy Ivan said...

I do love the history that Fort Worth provides, although I rarely get over there. I probably should, it would do wonders to spark my creative energies, I'm thinking.

Since I'm from the same neck of the woods as you, Pam, we have the same places of interest. I do love visiting the historical sites, though. I am a definite history buff.

Tammy Yenalavitch said...

I am in North Carolina and we have Civil War and Revolutionary War battle sites, I love History and I have taken weekend trips to Washington DC and Colonial Williamsburg as well.

Pamela Stone said...

Hi Kathy and Tammy. Thanks for stopping by. Tammy, we visited Vicksburg when I was a kid. Great history. I forgot to mention that the best thing about the local activities is that they provide so much entertainment for the cost. Have a great Sunday.

Angi Morgan said...

Nice pictures, Pam.
You know, it's still on my list of TO DOs to attend the Stockshow rodeo? I have never had the time or we're always traveling when it comes around.

Maybe this year.
Tim & I travel, wander, take pictures, love to see things that are FREE (LOL). And then there's the road trips...take off in a direction with no traffic.

All my best to you,

Juliet Burns said...

LOVE the stockyards! Watching the longhorns get herded down Main St by good-looking cowboys on horseback... Mmm-Mmm.
Oh and yeah, the historical significance. Hell's Half-Acre is there in North Fort Worth, the site of dozens of saloons (including the White Elephant) and the last place Butch and Sundance had their picture taken. My grandfather wrote abook about growing up in those last days of the cowboy and the stockyards. He was born in 1892 and his mother was dressmaker to all the rich ladies of that time. I LOVE researching historical stuff!

Marin Thomas said...

When we lived in Dallas, we'd always take family and friends to the Stockyards when they came to's a great place to spend the day and visitors can get their picture taken on a Texas longhorn--can't ask for a better souvenir than that!

Sasha Summers said...

Hi Pamela,
My husband and I stayed at the Stockyard Hotel (I think that's right) one time. Very cool. Had such a a great time. We're big museum people, public gardens and sports now and again (love FC Dallas!!!). We just moved back to San Antonio and are rediscovering the region. You're so right, you have to get out and do something different than dinner and a movie now and then!

Pamela Stone said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I love Fort Worth and pretty much anywhere else in Texas. We're having fun discovering new things to do. And Angi, I haven't been to the stock show rodeo in so many years, I've lost count.

chris keniston said...

well - that's a tough one - because i hardly ever do anythng for fun from home - lol.

I do hit some of the dallas hot spots when friends come to visit - The house used when filming the TV show Dallas, the x on the street where Kennedy was shot - the cattle drive sculptures in downtown- and of course if you want to 'feel' like you're in Texas- the stockyards.

Where I grew up- suburban NY - a fun day would be to go to manhattan - stand on line at the half price ticket box and get tickets from some broadway play. walk down fifth avenue and see st patricks cathedral, and then in warm weather eat at rockefeller center where the ice rink is in winter. and of course if you're going to play tourist- a carriage ride through central park.

but my favorite wandering on a boring weekend thing to do was when I went to school in San Francisco- a day just driving from vineyard to vineyard in Napa - Now that was fun!!

Pamela Stone said...

Hey Chris, I've never lived in NY, but I did work there one summer and stayed on Times Square. Amazing place. Actually got to ride a subway.

And San Francisco and Napa are amazing. We took a hot air balloon ride over Napa once and it...there are no words.

Sylvia said...

Love the stockyards and it's been years since I've been down there. I'm looking for something interesting to do with my husband next weekend for his birthday. Seems like movies and dinner are our typical weekend.

Pamela Stone said...

Hey Sylvia. The stockyards are fun and you can always eat at Joe T Garcia's. We got off movies a few years ago because there are so seldom any out that we both want to see. Maybe one a year. I think we got old. Ha.