Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Leftover Christmas Wrapping paper

Christmas is over, and you're stuck with 8 rolls of snowflake and candy cane wrapping paper because you bought the 10 roll jumbo pack that was supposed to save you a lot of money.  Now you have three rolls left and you don't want to save them for next year…because people do remember wrapping paper patterns!

Here are a few ideas to put that paper to good use from getgreeliving

Line Your Dresser Drawers with Leftover Paper

Drawer liners do wonders to protect your clothing. Believe it or not, wrapping paper makes great drawer liners. Cut pieces of wrapping paper to fit the bottom of your dresser drawers. Attach the paper with double-stick tape. Voila! Homemade drawer liners that are environmentally friendly because they are made of paper that didn’t end up in the landfill and they didn’t cost you a penny!

 Use Leftover Paper to Protect Fragile Ornaments

When the holidays are over and you have to pack up the ornaments and other Christmas decorations, use scraps of leftover wrapping paper to protect the ones that are fragile. As an added bonus, you’ll be greeted with holiday cheer when you unwrap them next year! This is also a great way to protect ornaments and other fragile items when moving.

Shred Leftover Paper

Shred any leftover paper and use it in place of packing peanuts to protect valuables when you ship them. The shredded paper can also be used as a fun alternative to tissue paper when you use gift bags. It also makes a great bed for your kids’ Easter baskets!

Homemade Holiday Coasters by Martha Stewart

And finally...Clean the Windows with Paper

Like newspaper, wrapping paper is great for cleaning windows and leaving them streak-free – use it instead of paper towels or a cloth. (Avoid using the shiny/plastic stuff though.)

What do you do with your leftover wrapping paper?

 Marin Thomas
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Anonymous said...

Skip a year then use it again!

Could you imagine shredding it and putting it in a gift bag? That would be messy and fun to hide something in all that!


Marin Thomas said...

Hi Marcie!

Great idea to skip a year and re-use it again :-)

My dogs would love opening a gift bag with the paper already shredded....would save them both a lot of work, lol!

linda s said...

The giant jumbo roll of candy cane wrapping paper is dh's signature gift wrap. He's been using it for about ten years now and I don't know what he will do when he runs out. If I shredded it I might be divorced.

Pamela Stone said...

Honestly, my family could not care less whether their package is wrapped in the same or different paper. We even had a fancy decoration that came on a package my dad bought my mom at Neiman Marcus many many years ago. It finaly wore out, but for years it was a joke to see who's package it would end up on each Christmas.

And like Linda S, my mom had a huge roll of green on green paper that lasted forever. We just knew which package was from Mom. Ha!

The shredding idea does sound fun though, especially for those small pieces at the end of the roll that you can't do anything with.