Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Party Games

If you’re hosting family and friends at your house this Christmas holiday you can add to the fun with party games.  Just think how much more fun these games will be if you spike the eggnog!

Party ideas from Wryte Stuff

 Kiss it Relay: Place a large bowl of Hersey's kisses on a table. Divide your group into two teams and have them line up around 10-15 feet away from the table. Give the first people in the row mittens that are slightly larger than they would ever need. On the mark of "Go", the first player of each team runs to the table (with their mittens on), takes a Hershey's kiss out from the bowl and tries unwrapping it with the large mittens. After they unwrap it they have to run down and pop it into the next person's mouth. The next person takes the mittens and runs to the bowl to do the same.

Reindeer Antlers: Divide your group into teams of two to four people. Give each group a pair of pantyhose. Give each team eight balloons. Then, when "Go" is said, the race starts, and the teams start blowing up the balloons and stuffing them into the pantyhose. Once all the balloons are stuffed inside the pantyhose, a team member wears the "reindeer antlers" and the team yells "Rudolph" when finished. The first team to finish is the winning team.

Snowball Toss: Divide the group into teams each team forms a line. Place a 2 taped markers on the floor a few feet from the teams. Give each team a bag of marshmallows (large, not the mini size). The first team member in line stands behind the tape marker. On "Go" the 2nd one in line takes a turn trying to "catch" a marshmallow in their mouth. Once a team member catches a marshmallow, they get out of line. The team that finishes their line first wins.

Do you have a favorite Christmas game you play at your holiday parties?

Marin Thomas
A Rodeo Man's Promise (Dec 2011)
Arizona Cowboy (Feb 2012)


Anonymous said...

The snowball toss looks like fun. Or maybe it does because I like marshmallows!

At a friend's house we sometimes play Scattergories or Uno.


linda s said...

We are such not a game family. That's because dh's older brother was a serious competitor and took it very vocally personally if he didn't win. The only way to have a happy day was to let him win, which he bragged about for the rest of the day... or not to play at all. Every year dd and I go to the Christmas movie db and choose a happt Christmas movie we've never heard of. We order it from Amazon and we watch it Christmas day.

Marin Thomas said... little niece wants to try the snowball toss this year so i think we will do that game!

Linda, LOL, there's alwasy one person in the family that has to be difficult :-) I like your idea
of a Christmas movie. A Christmas Story is my favorite...I could watch that every year :-)

Happy Holidays!

Barbara White Daille said...

Marin - we don't usually play games at holiday parties, but those all sound like fun.

No one would want me on their relay team, though, because if I ever got that kiss open, *I* would eat it. Guaranteed. LOL