Sunday, October 09, 2011


I’ve blogged a lot about the drought here in Texas. Not today. It’s raining. A slow steady rain is tap-tapping against my window screen as I type. Wonderful. I went outside to smell it. There's not a more pleasing scent than fresh much-needed rain. I hope it keeps drizzling on into the night. It’s going to take many, many more days of this to repair all the damage that has happened in the last few months with wildfires and lakes and ponds drying up. But it’s fall and a new season is here. No more 110 degree days. Our mornings have been in the low 50s. That’s a blessing because that hot sun was scorching everything. Our green lawn has taken a big hit. We water and water, but it’s not the same as God’s water. So let it rain. Let it rain!

I love to write in this type of weather. I love to read in this weather too. What type of weather gets your creative juices flowing?

Let it rain.

The Texan’s Bride – Oct ‘11


Savannah Rose said...

Fall and spring are my most favorite times to write. The beautiful colors of fall are so inspiring as well as the vibrant colors of spring. Glad y'all are finally receiving some relief from the heat.

Linda Warren said...

Thank you. It's not so depressing to look outside now. The leaves are starting to turn and fall has definitely arrived. It's uplifting and my favoite time of the year, too.

Sara said...

I have to admit that I am most creative during the fall, winter and spring months. Summer (even in New Hampshire) drains me.

Linda Warren said...

I'm the same way. Summer drains me too. I just love this time of the year. Does it get very hot in New Hampshire?

linda s said...

I love the fall rains. Twilight kinds of days because of the heavy clouds. Which are most everyday. Makes me want to curl up inside and just do something.

CC Coburn said...

Great to hear your drought has broken, Linda. But do tell me, how come you're allowed to water during droughts? We'd get jailed in Australia if we did that!
I love reading during the rain. Looking forward to doing a lot of reading during my upcoming trip to England ;-)

Pamela Stone said...

I love the rain also. Especially days that I don't have to work and can just relax and let those creative juices flow. We also got rain both at the house and in Galveston where hubby and I were spending a long weekend. Storms rolling in across the ocean, sitting on our balcony drinking morning coffee. Oh yes, a great weekend all around.

Linda Warren said...

It makes me want to curl up and read a book. My favorite thing.

Linda Warren said...

We have a water well to water the yard. So far no restrictions on that. We're very cautious about using the water system to the house.

Linda Warren said...

That sounds lovely. Texas got a lot of rain. Now if it will just keep coming.