Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Quick Five

Quick, give me your five favorite things about fall. To give you some ideas, here are my five.

1. Perfect temperatures. When the temps are between 65 and 75 with clear, sunny skies, it's perfect weather for outside activities, whether that's going for a hike in the woods or doing yard work.

2. Harvest festivals. When I worked for newspapers and magazines, I covered a lot of harvest type festivals. I loved the walk through yesteryear filled with blacksmiths, women cooking on wood-burning stoves, harvesting crops, the making of beeswax candles and cornshuck dolls.

3. The smell of the woods with the leaves falling and even the smell of fires if the smoke isn't too strong.

4. The color of the fall leaves. My favorites are the orange and yellow ones.

5. Pumpkin-flavored treats, particularly pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread.

Okay, your turn!


Linda Warren said...

Cooler temps
Making Soup or Chili
Baking (love the scent of vanilla and cinnamon and pumpkin)
Planning for the holidays

linda s said...

Jonagold Apples
my birthday and grandson's birthday
Visiting the Pumpkin fields searching for the most sincere pumpkin.

Pamela Stone said...

Fall colors
The first fire in the fireplace
The first cold front that moves through
Longer evenings to write
Jeans and sweaters

Kathleen said...

Awesome high heeled boots
Maple trees in blazing orange and red
I'll say this for my Canadian breathen -- hockey!