Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Release Day Rituals

Recently on a different blog, a debut author asked what she should do on the day her book went on sale. I figured someone would say do a booksigning or go on a blog tour. Other authors suggested the typical answers: celebrate with chocolate, wine, and/or champagne. Go out to dinner. Buy herself jewelry. My answer is always the same: go write on your next project. It affirms you're a writer, no matter the sales or reviews.

I wasn't sure if I have a ritual for celebrating the day, although chocolate is always on the menu for good times. (Or bad times or indifferent times...) Going out to dinner is one of my favorite things, but we do that on the day I sell a book and/or the day my first advance payment comes in. (Or, as my husband claims, any Wednesday. Or Friday. Or...well, you get the point.)

So I paid attention yesterday when Stand-In Mom hit the stands. I spent the morning reading in bed--a sure indulgence and definitely not a ritual. Then I did laundry. Changed the sheets on our bed. I lead a wild life, I know, lol. When I posted it on FaceBook, Harlequin author Shirley Jump replied that she was doing the same thing to "celebrate" the release of The Princess Test. Another author suggested chocolate, so I ate chocolate Oreos. I looked into a few blog posts I'm doing later in the month. I checked out the reviews--okay, I know reviews don't mean anything (and only the glowing reviews are true, right?), but I can't help being curious. Not only were the reviews uplifting, but I received an email yesterday regarding a review of my May book, The Marriage Solution! I hadn't expected that. So of course, I updated my website.

I was waiting for my new bookmarks to arrive so I could take them to the bookstore where I'm signing on Friday. They came after the store closed, so that's on the list for today. My plan to actually see the books on the shelf (my only real ritual) was delayed. I watched the Cardinals play (and win), which is a bonus, as it isn't always a baseball night on book release day. We ate leftovers, so I didn't have to cook, which is almost as good as going out. And I did find dessert in the fridge from going out last week, and I shared it with my husband.

Now I'm preparing for next time. Do you have any suggestions or any rituals I can adopt?

Megan Kelly


Linda Warren said...

No ritual. After thirty books, I just keep writing. Someone I know will usually call and say, "Your new book is in the store." Yay! Have chocolate and Diet DP and keep writing. Very boring around here too. LOL

Megan Kelly said...

I'll still want to celebrate, whether it be book 4 or 50. Having a book hit the shelf (or the ethernet) is a great accomplishment. Hubby is taking me out tomorrow night since he had to work late last night and I had a meeting tonight -- after which I had cheesecake to celebrate. I've also had it reported the books didn't get out in most stores yesterday due to the holiday. :( So this is the second release day, in a way.

Linda Warren said...

Yes, it is. And you have two release days. Enjoy!

One thing I've done since my first book was released is that I don't cook on that night.

linda s said...

I vote for banana splits for dinner. Something so far out of the ordinary makes a celebration.

Barbara White Daille said...

You've already picked my two favorites. Celebrations around books...and birthdays...and anniversaries...etc....always seem to involve food and chocolate. ;)