Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I’ve lived in Texas all my life and we’re in the worst drought I’ve seen in my lifetime. The other day the headline in the newspaper read: Texas is on fire, which is partly true. There have been wildfires everywhere due to the severe drought. A few weeks ago one was about fifteen miles from our house. Too close for my peace of mind.

Now we have these insane high temperatures that are unbearable. It was 107 degrees yesterday (Thursday) and I think today was the same. When I go outside it feels like I’ve stepped into an oven. If you live in Texas, you know what I’m talking about. And the temperature keeps rising. Lakes and ponds are drying up and the rivers are low. Fish and wildlife are dying. If we don’t get rain soon, I don’t know what’s going to happen next. Well, I do. In our city they’re talking about limiting water usages and I heard on the news last night that if we keep having the high temperatures, rolling blackouts will start. Not looking forward to that.

Since the lakes and ponds are evaporating in the intense heat, it’s revealing things hidden beneath the water. We live on a lake and now all these stumps are showing which used to be hidden under water. Only the taller dead trees were showing. We never knew all that was under the water. And in an east Texas lake that is low they discovered a part of the space shuttle Columbia that exploded.

I’m going on the theory that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So I decided to channel all this frustration into a book. I can write about the heat and the fires realistically. I think. It may not be much fun though, but it will create a lot of conflict and angst.

How’s the weather in your area? Please tell me it’s raining somewhere.

The Texan’s Secret – Aug ‘11


Pamela Stone said...

Hi Linda. Right there with ya. Literally. We could see a fire from our house yesterday, but they put it out quickly. I vividly remember 1980, but nothing as insane as this weather. First the cold weather and hard freezes, then the wind, and more wind. Wind that blew fences down and demolished a few structures. Then the drought and on top of that this heat. What a year! 100 year old trees are dying in our area.

However, I think instead of write about it, I'm more inclined to write to escape it. Ha! Keep cool.

Laney4 said...

Oh, Linda....
It has been raining here in my Southern Ontario city all day. Shall I huff and puff and send it southward? If only....
Hugs and prayers.

Linda Warren said...

The wind never seems to stop. This has been a year for terrible weather. We're just trying to keep the shrubs around our house alive. My husband is also watering trees, hoping we don't lose them. And, yes, big oak are dying here. I've never seen anything like this.

You're right. It's better to write to forget about it.

Linda Warren said...

Hi Laney,
Yes. Start huffing and puffing right away. LOL If only...

Thank you. Glad to haer it's raining somewhere.

linda s said...

I need to come visit you. Everywhere I go it rains - even everyday of our two week vacation. People kept saying - it was nice until you arrived. :(
The temp has not reached 80 yet this summer here in my corner of the pacific northwest.

Linda Warren said...

80 sounds heavenly. We've have triple digit temperatures every day since July. I think this might be hell. LOL

I'm coming to visit you. *g*

Winter said...

I almost hate to tell you. We're at 78 and we've had a few good rain showers come through. All this week we're supposed to have fall like weather, and I'm hoping it carries through, cause they're talking a hot fall coming our way.

Linda Warren said...

Where do you live? I think I want to move there. LOL

Everyone here is talking about "just getting through August". Then fall and cooler temperatures should follow. But who knows with this crazy wather.

Sylvia McDaniel said...

Live in Texas and hey our air conditioner went out Friday night. We came home from PLANET OF THE APES, to find that the air was out. We all huddled in one room with ceiling fans and a box fan. At 8:00 the next morning, we were calling the repair people. Thank God, we had a little break in the heat and even a little rain. They had it fixed by 3:00 and we are back inside waiting for fall to arrive.

Linda Warren said...

That's my worst fear - that our AC will go out. Glad you got yours fixed and it wasn't too bad. I'd be a puddle of sweat by the time the repair people fixed ours. It would be time to go to the mall for cool air.LOL (That's my story) But I think they close at seven.