Monday, May 16, 2011


My husband and I are celebrating 25 years of wedded bliss today! Take a stroll down memory lane with me.

When I think back on my wedding day I shudder at how young we were—23. These days many couples wait much longer before marrying…maybe because society's views about living together before marriage have relaxed over the years. When I became engaged I was told by my parents to either marry immediately after I graduated from college or come home and live with them until the wedding date. I traded in my college graduation ceremony for a wedding ceremony and met my husband in Vegas. Our immediate family flew in and a couple of college friends attended and we had a great time. I wore my mother's wedding dress—tea length since I'm taller than my mother. A weekend of gambling, fine-dining and Vegas shows served as our honeymoon.

We married in the Historic Little Church of the West.

Here's what the web says about the church
"The church has been the scene of more celebrity marriages than any other wedding chapel in the world. Betty Grable, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Dudley Moore, Cindy Crawford & Richard Gere, Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton to name a few. Elvis Presley and Ann Margaret recited their vows in the movie "Viva Las Vegas", filmed at The Little Church of the West. Originally built as part of the Last Frontier Hotel located on an isolated stretch of highway that would one day become the famous Las Vegas "Strip", The Little Church of the West upholds the heritage of Las Vegas with its unique architecture. It's a freestanding replica of an old west mining town church. With an exterior of cedar and an interior of California redwood, the chapel looks much the same today as when it was first built. Attesting to its historical significance, the Little Church is listed on the National Registry of Historical Places, the only such place on the "Strip" with this honor. the Little Church of the West celebrated its 65th anniversary and remains the oldest existing structure on the Las Vegas "Strip".

Our "real" honeymoon came three years later after my husband and I saved up for a trip to Hawaii. The first day on Maui we went swimming and stupid tourists that we were failed to pay attention to the beach signs that warned of strong surfs. While my husband happily snapped pictures of me wearing my new ruffled white bikini, I dove into the water. A brutal wave hit me and almost sucked me out to sea. By the time I surfaced, my swimsuit top barely covered me and I'd lost my wedding rings. We'd spent a lot of money on that trip and had no extra cash for a new wedding ring so I picked out a silver band at a kiosk in a local mall for $10. Over the years my husband has attempted to buy me a new diamond ring but this plain old silver band brings back too many fond memories of our early years of marriage and I just can't part with it.

If you could marry all over again knowing how your first wedding turned out, would keep everything the same or is there something you would change?

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linda s said...

Hi Marin - Congratulations on 25 years. What a lovely place to be married and in your mother's wedding gown! I never wanted a "wedding" and would really have liked to get married in the church wearing my jeans. That was also dh's choice. If I had do over, that's what I would do.

cheap vegas weddings said...

Happy Anniversary and Congrats on your 25 years!!! The Little Church of the West is a beautiful place to get married. You wore your mother's wedding dress??? what a great idea, Marin! Las Vegas really rocks!!!

Leigh Duncan said...

Marin, Happy 25th Anniversary! Thanks for sharing the story of your wedding with everyone.
My hubby and I planned a small ceremony in my church on the only weekend he had free before reporting to the Navy. I had one attendant--my sister--and the reception was cake and punch in the church hall. It wasn't fancy, but it tied a strong knot. We'll hit our 40th later this year.

Linda Warren said...


HAPPY 25th!!!!

We had the big wedding. I'm the only girl in a family of boys and my mom insisted. Looking back I think it was more her day than mine, but I wouldn't change a thing.

Love the pic.


Estella said...

Congratulations, Marin!

I wouldn't change a thing about my wedding.

Barbara White Daille said...

Marin - happy anniversary!

Beautiful picture, and a great story.

My wedding wasn't very big or very fancy but it was just what we wanted.

Looking back, I think it's like your replacement wedding band--there are so many fond memories attached to our wedding, I wouldn't change a thing.