Thursday, May 26, 2011

Renewed or Canceled?

For the past few weeks, announcements have been going out about which TV shows were canceled and which were renewed. Some of the things I watched and enjoyed will not be returning -- V, Off the Map, Chase, and Stargate Universe. It got me to thinking about shows I believe were canceled too soon -- ones where the powers that be didn't give the show a chance to find its following. Today it seems like it's "be a hit out of the gate or you're toast." So here's my list of shows that I think were gone too soon. Do you agree? Are there ones you enjoyed that were canceled too early that I haven't included?

1. Firefly -- My favorite show ever!

2. Moonlight -- At least Alex O'Loughlin landed on Hawaii Five-O.

3. Jericho -- So many questions left unanswered.

4. Stargate SGU -- I felt like the show was finally gelling and getting really interesting, but they pulled the plug after only two season. Boo!

5. Roswell

6. Veronica Mars -- Awesome show. Best dad/daughter relationship on TV.

7. Legend of the Seeker

8. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles -- Lena Headey kicked serious butt as Sarah Connor.

9. New Amsterdam -- Only got a few episodes, but I really liked the premise.

10. Men in Trees -- I think the writers killed this one by getting the main couple together too soon. Loved this quirky show set in Alaska. It filled the same spot that Northern Exposure had years ago.

11. Invasion -- Another one where we were left with lots of questions and no answers.


Linda Warren said...


I never have much time for TV, but I did like Jericho and watched a couple of episodes of Men In Trees, just to see what the title was about.

The new season will definately be new.


Estella said...

I hardly ever watch tv. When I do it is usually sports.

Joanne G. said...

Totally agree with what you said about Men In Trees - it had so much going for it but they should have strung out the tension between the couple a lot more!!

Pamela Stone said...

I loved Firefly. I can't imagine why they cancelled after only 14 episodes. Castle is good, but to me, Firefly rocks.

Winter said...

Magnificent Seven, but I got why they ended it, even after the fans rallied it back. Westerns have been dying out, but it's still nice to see them.