Monday, March 28, 2011

When The Shopping Gene is MIA

    I have a confession to make. One that might get me thrown out of the girl camp once and for all...

    I don't like to shop. At all.

    I suspect there are several reasons for this, but regardless of which thing threw me over the edge, I don't see returning anytime soon.

    That said, my 16-year-old loves to shop. Loves. It. So, that's why, when I found myself needing something special for an event coming up next week, I decided to take her. She's got a great sense of style and she likes being there--two plusses in my book.

    So, Friday night we went shopping. We looked in all the major chains as well as all the smaller mall shops, too. She found two cute tops and a pair of ankle boots at Forever 21, and I bought some eye stuff I needed at the Clinique counter. But a dress or pantsuit for my event? Nope.

    I looked, I truly did. I even tried some stuff on. But, in the end, I walked out with nothing. Nada. Anyone else have this same affliction? Any known cures?



    Estella said...

    I absolutely hate shopping, even for groceries!

    Lynn said...

    I can only stomach shopping the sales/clearance aisles... but I go in knowing exactly want I want. So mostly, I come out empty handed.

    Except last week when replacing my gym shoes - I found great skirt for $3.60.

    Love the bargins.

    Pamela Stone said...

    Oh, Laura. I feel so much better about myself now. Not a shopper at all, not even for sales. Take the 16 year old again and tell her that she only gets something herself after she helps with your selection for your event. Ha!

    Laura said...

    Pamela, I tried that. Only she gave up on me. :)

    Nice to know I'm not alone!

    Barbara White Daille said...

    Laura and Pam - you are so not alone!

    I hate to shop, too. And even when I *can* find something I like--which is not often--then it never looks right when I try it on.

    We need personal shoppers, I think. ;)


    Winter said...

    I'm like that. Can't find the right thing, then what's the use of spending money on something you won't wear or regret.

    I don't even like to grocery shop, cause it means spending money.


    Laura said...

    Barbara, that's me, too. I see something that looks pretty on the rack and not so great on me. Makes the whole shopping thing even worse!

    Winter, I'm with you!