Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crystal Clear

Perhaps it's the time of year and the soul-searching it always seems to bring. Perhaps it's just me being contemplative for the sake of being contemplative. But, either way, I find myself thinking of ways I can be better in the new year...

A better mom.
A better significant other.
A better friend.
A better writer.

Because I want to be better. Not better than you. Not better than someone in another room. Just better than I've ever been.

Thoughts are starting to swirl for each and every area, special things that'll let my kids know (even more) how much I love them, creative ways to let my friends know how much I treasure them, goals I want to achieve in my writing, etc.

That said, I'm still open for ideas. Particularly surrounding #2. And since all of us love romance, I can't imagine there'd be a better place to set up a few chairs and invite a little brainstorming on this particular topic.

So here's my question for all of you...

What are some creative ways to let your sweetie know how much he means to you?



Lynn said...

Things I do for my so - hmmm- I think the big thing is to keep him involved in my life. We like different things. He's big on outside stuff, house repair, darts, beer... I'm filling my free time with writing and books. So we have to find a middle ground where we can talk.

We decided real early that we would try to do as many things together as possible, so if he goes out, unless it's guys night, I go with him. Just a way to stay connected.

Now that we live so far away from where we both grew up, we do a lot more things like travel to the Lincoln Museum or Mark Twain's home. And we both love caves.

I guess it's time.

Obe said...

Red lipstick on a bathroom mirror is always fun. Since he works shift work and goes to bed earlier than I do, its a fun way to start the morning. Waggling eyebrows.


Laura Bradford said...

Oooh, good stuff, ladies!!! Love the red lipstick idea, Nan! ;)

Dru said...

How about a weekend at a B&B where you relax and enjoy just the two of you.

Laura Bradford said...

oooh. I've always wanted to do a B & B...