Monday, November 15, 2010

Life has been a bit crazy since my last blog

On October 28, our daughter-in-law gave birth to our second granddaughter, Katherine Grace. This is their second daughter plus my older son and his wife have two boys, so Katherine is not my first grandchild, but she’ll probably be our last. Not only does that make her especially precious, but my daughter-in-law invited me into the delivery room. This was the first time I’ve ever been in a delivery room when it wasn’t me delivering and it was quite an experience. I got to watch them clean up the baby and all the hubbub that happens those first few minutes of life. I got to see the expression on my son and daughter-in-law’s faces as they first held their beautiful daughter. I too got to hold her when she was only a few minutes old.

I guess I’m feeling nostalgic, but in addition to our family my best friend and her family were at the hospital to help celebrate Katherine’s birth. Debra and I started 4th grade together and have been best friends ever since. Our kids grew up together and went to the same high school. And Debra babysits both her granddaughter and mine so they are growing up friends. As will her new grandson and Katherine.

That’s three generations of friendship. I feel blessed in so many ways.

Do you have friends who have always been a part of your life? People who you are almost closer to than family? I take that back. Not ALMOST closer to, but actually CLOSER.


Juliet Burns said...

I guess I'm most close to my mom. But after her, even tho I have 3 sisters, I'm closer to you and Linda and Von than my sisters, so yeah, you're family.
LOVE that pic of Katherine, love her name, and am so happy for you that you got to experience being in the delivery room. I remember inviting my MIL to be there for our childrens' births, and I wasn't sure she'd come into the delivery room b/c she's a very introverted , shy, person and even small gatherings of people can stress her out. But she came and I think she really enjoyed the experience.
Congrats on your new granddaughter, Pam! You ARE blest!

Marin Thomas said...

Pam, what a beautiful little girl! It's wonderful that you were able to share such a special moment with your DIL and son.

Pamela Stone said...

Thanks, Juliet and Marin. Katherine is a blessing and a delight. I went an entire week without seeing her so when they stopped by yesterday, I couldn't wait to get my hands on her.

Julie Hilton Steele said...

Congrats, Pamela, to your entire family. My second grandchild was born October 29 (!!!) and her name is Bellamy GRACE!!!!

Grandchildren are wonderful. I am fortunate to have a friend whose introduction to grandparenthood closely followed mine. We both have two year old grandchildren and her next is due soon. It is wonderful to have friends to share these life experiences with, isn't it?

Peace and congrats again, Julie

Estella said...

Aren't grandchildren wonderful! I have them from age 21 to age 4-----all boys.

Pamela Stone said...

Julie, yes, it does make an already awesome experience even more so when you have friends to share it with.

Estella, mine range from a couple weeks to 11. I raised two boys, my oldest son has two boys, so these two little girls are somewhat of a novelty for us.

Roxann Delaney said...

Katherine Grace is beautiful! Congratulations to all the family.

Yes, my "bff" and I have been friends for 47 years and also had children who were in school together. She is family and considers my girls as her girls. (She has two sons.)