Thursday, October 07, 2010

All About ME...Or Not

Hey, Megan here. Earlier this week a reporter wanted to do an interview. I said sure, what's the focus of the article and how do you want to set it up? Got an answer on how we'd do it (via phone call). I checked out her articles, which were well done. So...
After exchanging pleasantries, she asked how old I am. [insert crickets chirping] Now, this isn't a secret among my family and friends, but... Is it relevant? Which is what I asked. She said absolutely. I countered with my many years of marriage being more relevant to my writing, my belief in HEA and working hard at marriage to make that HEA a reality. These things I bring to my writing.
I got a lecture on journalism. She got explanation, lol, about privacy. I also wouldn't tell her the year of my graduation, although I did tell her my hometown and high school. She balked again and had to go to her editor for permission to continue.
So I emailed her my thanks for the offer and said, "also tell your editor that while I may tell you I have two kids, I won't tell you their names or ages either." Their lives are theirs to protect or flaunt as they wish.
There's not going to be an article. I can't be sorry about it except... EEKS I just turned down publicity. It makes me uneasy, to say the least. While part of me insists the important thing about me is my determination to improve my writing and my struggle to get published, there's that internal editor (nag) that says I should have just told her. My age is not a big deal, nor the date of my graduation. The kids, though...I draw the line there.
What do y'all think? Is a person's age that vital to an article? Should I submit all the details of my life for public consumption? Or is there a line?
Megan Kelly
The Marriage Solution, May 2011


Estella said...

I believe everyone is entitled to there privacy. I don't think your age has anything to do with your writing.

Megan Kelly said...

That was my viewpoint, Estella, but this reporter's lecture/lesson on good journalism gave me pause. Plus, when vying for media attention to make people aware of my books, it's breath-stealing to say no to an article.

Kristi said...

What you choose to share and what you choose to keep for yourself are your own decision. Kudos to you for sticking to your guns against a journalist who has her own career's best interest in mind, not your family's.

Megan Kelly said...

Thx, Kristi. I believe this was her newspaper's policy for profile pieces, as well as her own views on what was "necessary." Hopefully when my book comes out in May, she'll want to do an interview about something more important to the public. :)

Julie Hilton Steele said...

I find it interesting they often list the woman's age but not the man's! That is when I decided it wasn't relevant. Folks can figure out your age range from what you talk about, if it is relevant.

Good job.

Marcie said...

What difference does it make how old you are or when you graduated? Was she trying to make a point that eventually dreams come true regardless of age?
Anymore you have to be careful what you tell people. This just happened to me recently -a person at my work asked what town I live in - innocent question I thought - a couple days later this person comes to me and quotes my address and asks if that's where I lived. Warning bells and red flags waving, I lied and said nope, that's not me.
We all deserve our privacy. Yeah for you for sticking up for yours.

Gillian Layne said...

Good for you. There are so many ways to slant the angle of an interview--which should center on your BOOK, if that's what you're promoting--and the journalist, if she's worth her salt, knows it. Stick to your guns.