Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Okay, I think I used this title for last September's post where the theme was Autumn. But face it: this is the month of change. Children going to school, older kids going to college, houses getting that big fall cleaning before the holidays, the weather cooling off, rains coming, leaves turning. Birthdays happening.

Not mine this month, not yet, but many of my family's. Do we love birthdays for the happy occasions they are? Or dread them for the changes they signal? Is it really "just a number" when it's you? LOL I'm job hunting--another change--as the indie bookstore I've been at for five years is closing. It's been a town institution for almost 19 years and there's much sadness and nostalgia. As an author, I look at this from an industry standpoint as well as from the booklover and employee view.

But on the job front I have to think, who wants a woman of XX years' experience? Am I defined by my age? Yes, to some extent. But not confined. When asked in a recent job interview why the person should hire me in particular, I could say, I'm mature and reliable--a nicer way to say "old." And laugh about it. I'm in a pretty good place and feeling pretty valuable as an employee. (Check with me in three months when I'm still job hunting to see if this view changes, too.)

I'm also starting a new book, which is a major happy change. The research part is ongoing, but the bulk of it is behind me.

So, what changes are you all dealing with? I hope you're taking them in stride and with a smile inside.
Megan Kelly
The Marriage Solution, May 2011


Estella said...

Getting older is the only change in my life right now.

Megan Kelly said...

Estella,I have no idea yet what it's like not to have to watch the calendar for school days or the clock for dragging the kids out of bed to go to school. It's a change for me from getting to sleep in this summer (first in a while since my son didn't take summer school).
Hopefully you're taking the "getting older" (and aren't we all)change with good humor.