Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wedding Bliss

So, how many weddings did you attend in June?

I went to three, but I only got to eat the food at one of them. Guess which:

1) A nurse and a neonatologist, who postponed their wedding plans after a disagreement over whether to have children, walked down the aisle at last. They had joyously resolved their differences after babysitting triplets.

2) Despite a flood and a heat wave, a wedding planner brought off her own ceremony to perfection. Two darling children escorted her to the altar, where her handsome groom – a widower she met on-line – couldn’t wait to make her his bride.

3) A hospital attorney happily exchanged vows with the surrogate mother to his baby daughter. At the reception, his brother and best man, a police officer who relishes bachelorhood, met a woman who just might change his mind.

Which of these romantic scenarios is real – hence the food – and which are scenes from my upcoming books?

The flood might give you a clue, especially if you happen to know that I’m from Nashville. Yep, that’s No. 2. Although some guests had to relocate from the flooded-out Opryland Hotel to another inn and a heat wave drove the reception indoors, my brother, Paul, and his beautiful new wife, Myrna, had a flawless wedding at the Temple in Nashville.

Myrna’s young grandsons walked her down the aisle. And yes, she really is a wedding planner at For All Occasions in the Washington, D.C. area. Judging by her own wedding and reception, I’d hire her in a minute (but my husband of 31 years might balk).

The nurse and the neonatologist made an appearance in the first book of my Safe Harbor Medical miniseries from Harlequin American, The Would-Be Mommy, last February. They finally tie the knot in book number three, December’s The Holiday Triplets.

In between, hospital attorney Tony Franco and his surrogate, Kate Evans, get their own romance in August’s His Hired Baby. Then, next February, at their wedding in Officer Daddy, Tony’s brother Leo strikes sparks with obstetrician Nora Kendall.

There’s nothing like a love story with a happy ending!

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Estella said...

No weddings for me in June. Just birthday parties.