Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Vacations

Welcome to SUMMER! I don't know about everyone else, but last summer, although busy, was mostly work for me. We sold two houses, bought another, moved. I had a book come out and did booksignings and attended the RWA National Convention in DC. All good things, but not exactly relaxing.

This year, I'm focused on a more relaxed and stress-free summer. Last month I flew to California for a visit with two different friends. Drove down the Pacific Coast Highway. Caught up with each other's lives. Gorgeous drive for anyone who hasn't had the opportunity.

Last night I bought a new car, my first in ten years. I am super excited to go pick it up tonight because we have a couple road trips on the agenda. We're thinking South Padre Island, depending on the oil spill and possibly another to Colorado. Summer is packed with family birthdays and we have fun plans around that and at least one large get together with old friends.

What does everyone else have on their summer agendas?


Author said...

Hi, Pam. You did have a huge summer last year. And a new car!!!How much fun. Road trips are a blast. We especially love going back roads and through small towns. We've happened upon street fairs, fruit stands, flea markets and wine tastings. A great way to see the U.S.A. Happy summer.

Juliet Burns said...

We're not going anywhere fancy this summer either. Last year I spent more than I should have going to DC for the conference, but I'd never been and enjoyed it SO much. Next year is New York. Anoother destination on my bucket list. I'm saving for that. In the meantime, we're staying home and getting closets cleaned out and work done in the yard.
We will go to Memphis for a week to stay with my sister. She and her husband have some land north of the city and the kids enjoy riding the tractor and getting away from the bustle of our big city life. Okay, *I* enjoy getting away and my kids whine about it, but I think it's good for them. We also have our usual summer activities planned. Museums, waterparks and midnight runs to Q-T for slurpies.

Pamela Stone said...

Hi Vicki, or at least I believe it's Vicki out there. Yes, I also love road trips. There are times that flying makes sense, but I love the adventure of driving and what you happen across along the way.

Juliet, those midnight runs are fun. Mine are usually a little earlier than midnight, but same deal. They are best when unplanned for me.

Anybody else have plans for the summer?

Linda Steinberg said...

Well, you know my plans. I am going to CHINA next month and I am so excited. I've got a section in my closet where I hang clothes I'm planning to take, and I NEVER pack more than a few days in advance for a trip. Besides all the great things to see, I'm looking forward to a 6 day river cruise. I got some Chinese money yesterday. I bought a new, light weight suitcase--ME, who has a dozen suitcases in her garage.
So what car did you wind up buying?

Pamela Stone said...

Hi Linda. China will be awesome and hopefully we can all make a beach trip in the fall, depending on the Gulf. I went for a practical car over the mini I wanted and bought a Murano. I'm happy.

JenniferM said...

Hey Pam- I have heard good things about Muranos so your car will be perfect for road tripping!
I don't have huge summer plans, but am really looking forwar to them all the same. I am spending about 10 days in Montana with family. A few of those up in Seeley Lake (very small town) for a family reunion.
I can't wait! I am going to drive from Portland. Road trips are great. Remind me of fun times as a kid. And most of all I just want to get out of the rat race and away from the big city and blackberries and forget about work for a while. Though I am brining my laptop and hope to write- I should be inspired by all that beautiful nature, right!?

Pamela Stone said...

Absolutely, Jennifer. My laptop made the trip down highway 1 in California with me. Although, must admit, it didn't get much use. Ha! Hope you have better luck.

Estella said...

I am staying home and enjoying my flower garden.

Pamela Stone said...

I've done a lot of gardening this year too, Estella. There is a funny sort of peace in gardening.