Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Love San Francisco!

Every time I wear my I "heart" SF T-shirt, I'm surprised by how many comments I get.

"I love San Francisco, too!"

"I really want to go to San Francisco someday."

"What does SF stand for?"

I'm wearing my I "heart" SF T-shirt a lot these days because every time someone comments on it, it's an opportunity for me to hand them a bookmark and tell them about my next Harlequin American Romance, FIREFIGHTER DADDY (July 2010), which is set in San Francisco.

The hero in the this book is a widower with a little girl who loves to ride the cable cars.

These days the cable cars are among the city's biggest tourist attraction, but there was a time when they were also an important means of transportation.

This film was shot c.1905 from the front of a cable car traveling east along Market Street toward the Embarcadero (the clock tower in the distance).

Do you suppose there were any traffic rules in those days? Everyone seems to walk, ride and drive wherever they please!

Cable cars no longer run along Market Street, but you can still take a cable car from Union Square to Fisherman's Wharf, up and down those crazy steep hills, and I think it's wonderful that the city has preserved that part of its history. Just one of the reasons why I "heart" SF!

Happy reading!

Until next time,
Firefighter Daddy
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Alexis Morgan said...

The only time I've been to SF was at the RWA conference two years ago. I spent most of the time in the hotel, but did get see some of the city. Simply beautiful!

Congratulations on your new release!

Lee McKenzie said...

SF really is a beautiful city, Alexis. Glad you got to see some of it!

Susan Lyons said...

I "heart" SF too, Lee. What a great setting for romance! And now I'm hearing Tony Bennett singing "I left my heart in San Francisco"... Congrats on your upcoming release.

Lee McKenzie said...

Thanks, Susan. My working title for this book was a line from that song - Halfway to the Stars.

Estella said...

Was in SF about 30 years ago. Would love to return.

Anita Birt said...

What fun to see SF in 1905 - Loved it. Imagine how dirty hems of women's skirts were and how the material would wear out. I eagerly await Firefighter Daddy coming next month.

Lee McKenzie said...

Estella, I really hope you have a chance to visit San Francisco again. It's a city I can't visit often enough.

Lee McKenzie said...

Anita, I thought the same thing about those skirts! And that was at a time when laundering required a lot more care and attention then it does today.