Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time for Yourself

Today I'm headed to California for a much needed vacation. Yes, I'm packing my laptop and yes, I will work on my revisions. But still, it's a vacation from my real life. A girl's week. Visiting two different, but very special friends. One in Palm Springs and the other in Bakersfield. In Palm Springs, we plan to eat out, sit by the pool, and catch up on each other's lives since I was last there almost two years ago. I can't wait. Even her dogs are excited. LOL

Then I leave and meet my second friend for a couple days on the beach. Crank the sunroof open. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway. Sit for as long as we want and just listen to the sounds of the ocean, smell the salty air, absorb the breathtaking coastline. The beach helps me wind down and reprioritize more than any other thing I've found.

Julia Cameron wrote a book called The Artist's Way that many years ago, helped me reconnect with myself. Helped me learn to make time to replenish the well, even when life is spinning around me. To get in touch with my creative side. Trust me, it's long overdue.

I'm curious what helps others relax. What does it for you when you're stressed to the max? What do you do for yourself? I know CC Coburn talked about a spa day. Any other thoughts?


linda s said...

When I am really stressed out and need to relax, I read a romance novel. lol It puts everything else out of my head.

Marcie said...

I have to agree with Linda - nothing like a good book to forget your troubles, if only for a little while.
I too like sitting on a beach and soaking in the sun and listen to the waves.
If I'm home - after my weekly yard work, I'll sit outside, prop my head back on the chair, soak some sun and listen to the birds. Another relaxing moment - birds singing.

Pamela Stone said...

Hi Linda and Marcie. LOL. I have two romance novels in my carryon, ready to go. Romance novels and escapism is what started me writing.

Marcie, the yardwork thing can work for me sometimes too. Our new house has a large yard and lots of birds and squirrels. Even an occassional bobcat at night so my hubby says, although I haven't personally seen any. I think it's that beauty of nature thing that does the trick.

I'm headed to the airport. Will check back in from Palm Springs tonight.

Liz Lipperman said...

Waving at you, Pam.

I am an audio girl - always have been. I like to come up with some of my favorite songs that go with certain scenes of my story. I have been know to burn an album or two - just in case they make the book into a movie and the director wants my input!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, since I do my best creative thinking in a horizontal position, I lie in my favorite chair with a blanket and put on the headphones to listen to my story songs.

Actually, that's sort of like listening to the waves of the ocean. I'm very jealous, but hope you have a great time.

Addison said...


What a great post - it is so important to take time for ourselves and recharge. Your trip sounds wonderful!

Personally, anything that involves a stretch of time and a good book usually does it for me. I also love taking walks - they clear the head and have that lovely side benefit of actually being good for you!! :-)

Safe travels and we'll catch you on the flipside!


Estella said...

I grab a Diet Pepsi, a good book and put mu feet up and read.

Juliet Burns said...

Howdy, CP. Glad you're getting away, but I'm going to miss you while you're gone. If I didn't know how much you need this break, I'd have hogtied you to your office chair and not let you go.
Have a wonderful time and hi to jean for me,

Pamela Stone said...

Thanks for all the posts. I was too pooped and hungry by the time I made Palm Springs last night that I crashed.

Liz, I'm audio also. And I too have compiled song groupings for books. Juliet even sends me songs that speak to her about my characters. It helps.

I can sit and listen to the ocean for hours. It clears all the other noise out of my mind.

Addison, I miss seeing your smiling face.

Estella, there is an amazing quality to a good book that can really take a person out of their world and into another. It's great.

Juliet, back to the computer. Enough blogging, girl. We both have deadlines!