Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Every Woman Is A Heroine!

A woman asks little of love: only that she be able to feel like a heroine- Mignon McLaughlin
A dear friend of mine sent me this quote and I knew instantly this was a quote that described me and the reasons why I write. Romance, love and of course happy endings.
Now on to harder stuff; Blogging! To me this is a terrifying new concept. I know many of you savvy women blog like it’s second nature. To me it’s a whole a new world. As an author I have spent the last six years writing books so intensely that I have fallen behind the times. My mother has spoken to me about blogging, and as all children do, we just don’t listen. Shame on me. I have to admit I’m a little embarrassed.
Once you learn about blogging, you find out who blogs. Then who blogs well. For instance I have this amazing friend Kate who does my hair. If you look at my pictures, she is the magician behind the scenes, truly the only reason my hair looks good. Kate has two young children. She runs a beauty salon and also blogs. If you want a great laugh, I highly recommend following it!
My question now is, how do all of you have time? I’m absolutely amazed at the sheer genius so many women exude on their blogs. I just recently watched the movie, Julie and Julia. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing an uplifting, moving and empowering show. It spoke to me as a writer in so many ways. First of all it gave me the courage to blog. The character of Julie who wants to be a writer and get published was utterly relatable. I have been there and let me tell you, it’s hard and it hurts. Julie portrayed how cathartic it is to write through a blog even if just one person hears your voice and that person happens to be you.
Then there’s Julia Childs! At Harlequin we need to write real life characters, not stereotypes or caricatures. Who would ever believe that a human being would be as fabulous as Julia Childs. Seriously, who says, “I love eating.” And she means it and isn’t ashamed of it at all.
On top of that, she makes fabulous comments like, “I love getting out of bed at six in the morning to go to school.” What a gift for her to love life that intensely. Of course the crux of the movie that utterly thrilled me as an author was when they offered to buy her book. Even better, she’s got paid! To do what we love is the greatest gift of all.
I know I am one of those lucky souls who gets to do my passion, but of course it’s not always easy. Bumps and jumps come along the way. Last week I had the privilege of being contacted by a local TV news anchor. He asked to interview my mother and me for his blog. As he spoke to me, he thought the story was big enough to go on the news that night. So mom and I scrambled to get our hair done, I bought a new suit, put my make-up on, all to find out there had been a murder in the city and our story got cut.
It made me think of Julie and the beouf bourguinonne she prepared for the Christian Science monitor and how they didn’t come because it was raining. She continued to persevere and so did I. Fortunately the TV anchor still thought our story was interesting and put us on his blog. Here is the link to our story.
So to all you who read this, thank you for being interested in what I have to say. It’s a whole different kettle of fish to write fiction and definitely a lot easier. My hope is that all of you who read this blog will know your dreams can come true. Life throws curves, road blocks and walls, but if you persevere, anything can happen. Especially love!

Dominique Burton


Ruby Johnson said...

Writing a novel is certainly different from blogging. You're putting yourself out there, warts and all, with a blog. Sometimes, I find it easier to do an interview with another author. Being able to write humorous material is a plus. However, I don't have the timing to make putting shaving cream on my toothbrush funny. I read one blog where something like that happened.

Dominique said...

Thanks you 709 and Ruby for being so nice.

I just started a blog while composing the current one you are reading. I have just posted everything I write on my website. When I finish my next five pages of the deadline I'm on, I hope to tie my blog to the website. Let's face it! My IT guy will do it. But I will have time to call him.

In the mean time I will check back through the day and say hello.

I am currently writing a spin off of the novella out this month. It's the story of my hero Jake's sexy twin brother C.J. He's the firefighter in San Francisco. Oh boy is he fun to write. So off to fiction and love.

Thanks again for posting!


dougdene said...

Well, I loved Jake, and now I will look forward to reading a book with C.J. as your main character. It will be interesting to see why he left small town Alaska for the big city. If your next book is half as good as your first, I'll become your number one fan.

Keep us posted on how you are coming along with you new book.


T Stoval said...

After watching Julie & Julia, I decided to try that boeuf bourguignon myself. I pulled out my grandmother's Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volumes 1 & 2 (first editions, of course!) and had at it. The meal was delicious!

Cooking, writing, and meaningful relationships are things that heighten our enjoyment of our lives. We improve at them as we get older and they in turn, make us better people.

From one dear friend to another, your writing process and your published accomplishments are amazing to me! You are as much an inspiration to me as Julia Child was to Julie Powell. So I'll continue to cook, you continue to write, and we'll continue to be friends!

Lori said...


Speaking as someone who rereads my emails about 20 times before I send them out, I can totally relate to how daunting it must have been to do your first blog. I think you did a great job! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

Congrats on your books!


Dominique Burton said...

I just want to thank everyone who left a message about the blog. Some of you know me and some of you don't. But your kind words and thoughtful take on the subject matter meant a lot to me.

Thanks for making this first blogging experience so special.


Juli said...

Cool Blog! I love your writing-it just brings your words to life.
I am excited to read your books.
Juli-Austin, Tx

linda s said...

First blog is one more than I've ever done. You did well. Your book just arrived today, so I'll be reading it tonight.

Rebecca Winters said...

Julia Child is one of my heroines too, Dom. For a lot of reasons.

Your blog is delightful. Keep them coming.

Love, MOM