Monday, April 05, 2010

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An April 2010 Mother’s Day Release from Harlequin American


Two novellas in one book featuring authors Rebecca Winters and Dominique Burton who are the first Mother and Daughter in real-life to write for Harlequin American.

I’m proud to announce that Dominique Burton is my talented daughter!

This is her first published novel. At the moment she is under contract to Harlequin American for two more novels that are linked to A DAUGHTER’S DISCOVERY (from A MOTHER’S WEDDING DAY).

Watch for her next stories out in 2011.

As a young girl with a writer for a mom and three brothers, I lived in the imaginary world of books and movies like Anne of Greene Gables and Indiana Jones. Most of the time I was writing and acting out my own stories with Harrison Ford as my hero. Not too shabby for a seven year old!

I’m a lover of Europe who at twenty got the wild notion to buy an around-the-world plane ticket. For six months I circled the globe on my own, traveling to Singapore, Australia, living and studying in Italy, learning about ancient cultures in Egypt, floating down the Nile, watching animals on safari in Kenya, scuba diving in Tahiti and having a blast. I graduated with honors from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in History.

I now live in South Jordan, Utah, with my two amazing children. If I’m not writing romances or young adult stories, I’m reading or out running. A few years ago I had the privilege of running the Boston Marathon.

Please write to me at or visit my website at

This is a picture of me, Rebecca (Burton) Winters, when Dominique was only two years old. The love for writing has to be in the genes. When she came quietly into the dining room in the morning with her blanket and bottle to peek on her mommy who was typing a manuscript, this is what she saw.

Just call me the proud mom.

Rebecca Winters


shelley galloway said...

Congratulations to both Dominique and Rebecca! Your book looks beautiful! I can't wait to go pick it up. : )

And, Rebecca, that photo of you is just priceless.


Pamela Stone said...

Congrats, Dominique and Rebecca. How exciting. The book looks wonderful.

Estella said...

Congratulations to you both!

Megan Kelly said...

I'll be sure to look for your book. Congrats to you both!

EllenToo said...

The book is wonderful. It's about what could~and probably does~happen in real life. It's full of misunderstanding, dislike, love, and reconciliation.
I will be looking forward to Dominique's next book and of course Rebecca's too.
Congratulations Dominique.

linda s said...

Seems to me I read about this secret somewhere. lol Congratulations to you both, a special mom moment.

Nicole S said...

This book will be bought by me this month. It has to be so special for you and your daughter Rebbecca.