Saturday, February 06, 2010

"Stranded" Plotlines

I drove to the lake house on Thursday (in the rain) and saw quite a lot of water on US Hwy 80 on the way there. The lake was also the highest I've seen it. I think it has covered part of our neighbor's dock.

This high water made me think of all those books I've read where the hero and heroine are stranded together in a house, a "cabin in the woods" or some other isolated place due to flooding, a hurricane, snowstorm, etc. Also, I suppose the super snowstorm along the eastern coast made me think of natural disasters.

I've read some great stories with "stranded" plotlines or situation, and I've read some real clunkers. I'm not sure exactly what makes the situation work in some cases and bomb in others. I know that the conflict between the hero and heroine must be strong enough to carry the plot in these types of stories, but what else? Is it sexual tension or a ticking clock? What do you think?

I hope the water in Lake Holbrook doesn't get too high.
The only ones enjoying it seems to be the ducks!
I'll look forward to your comments about the plots.
Stay warm, safe and dry, wherever you are.
Oh, and GO SAINTS. (Sorry, Indy. I love you too!)


Estella said...

I enjoy 'stranded' plotlines as long as they are believable. Have read a couple where a child could have reached safety.

Go Saints!

Marcie said...

I'm going to go with the sexual tension. You know if it's a snowstorm or hurricane - they will pass eventually. So if you have two people thrown together and have chemistry - how will they handle being stranded? Will they work together? Or won't they because of the chemistry they share?

Linda Henderson said...

I enjoy the stranded together storylines.There is usually a lot of sexual tension between the couple so it makes for a very interesting storyline.

Pamela Stone said...

I love stranded together plot lines. So focused on the relationship. And yes, that yummy sexual tension. Add a touch of fear maybe. Hero and heroine that have some good reason to be at odds. But like Estella, I have to be convinced they don't have an easy option to reach safety.

Hmm, think we'll have a rash of snowbound stories out of this weather?

Victoria said...

I think lots of weather inspires stories. Snow is so romantic because you have to bundle up together to stay warm. The one thing I've never seen too much of are babies as a result of those electrical outages, like in big cities. Remember those? There really was a rise in the birth rate nine months later! I like the idea that fear exaggerates the tension. One of my favorite books of the ones I've written was my first paranormal, where the hero and heroine were isolated on a beach in South Carolina, not by weather but by choice, like they were the only people around. Or at least it felt that way to me. I tried to write a rising-water stranded story once for HAR, but it didn't work out. I suspect I didn't have enough conflict generating enough tension. Maybe I'll revisit that story someday.

Lois said...

Ooh, I love stranded plot lines -- especially when I'm pulling out the old favorite and new Christmas themed books. Just really is great with winter and snow. . . sigh. . . stuff like that sure doesn't happen to me! LOLOL