Monday, February 15, 2010


Well, like Laura in Tulsa, Texas has been hit with a pretty insane winter. Twenty-four hours of the fluffy white stuff fell on Thursday. Gorgeous! At our house in a rural neighborhood close to Dallas, we ended up with a foot of snow. It was impossible to concentrate on the day job for wandering to the window to look out. But if watching it fall Thursday wasn’t pretty enough, we awoke Friday to a winter wonderland. See the picture out the small leaded glass window on our front door. Looks sort of like one of those Christmas snow globes, doesn't it?

Friday my mom and I were warm and cozy and I was working away, glancing out at nature's beauty. Hubby got to drive his truck to work and I don’t think you could have paid him to stay home. Alpha male, 4X4, and a foot of snow! WooHoo! Right up his alley. Then my aunt called and they’d been without power since Thursday night and couldn’t get out of their steep drive. So DH swung by when he got off and picked them up. Friday night, warm fire, good food, and we were five.

Saturday, my son and his two boys showed up. Then my younger son and daughter-in-law popped in and my granddaughter tossed a fit to stay and play with her cousins. Granted our youngest son and DIL went home and our oldest and his two boys planned to do the same after dinner, but voila, his brother left with the keys to his truck. (Or so we thought, as they turned up later. Long story.) Minus the snow, this revolving door is a pretty typical weekend at our house. But still, Saturday night and we were nine.

We enjoyed a weekend full of food, fun, and family. What else could we do except cook and eat? Play in the snow. Feed the birds.

For Valentine’s Day on Sunday, the power came back on at my aunt and uncle’s house. Grandkids went home. And we were back to three. Although it's been an entertaining, fun, white adventure, I’m looking forward to the sanity of a normal routine.

I'm not sure where we're living. This doesn't even resemble a Texas winter, but isn't the front yard gorgeous.


Leigh Duncan said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, Pam. Hope you're enjoying your once-in-a-lifetime Texas winter.

Linda Warren said...

How beautiful. And in Texas. We only got snow flurries here in College Station. Dang it!

What is it with those guys? We've had a lot of rain and it's wet and muddy everywhere. My husband got his 4X4 truck, his mule-thingy and his tractor stuck. Our nephew had to pull him out with a dozer. His eyes just sparkled when he was telling me this story. I was thinking "Are you nuts?" But this is evidently important to men - alpha men. How deep you stick the vehicle and how long it takes you to get it out is some sort of accomplishment. I think. LOL!!!


Pamela Stone said...

Thanks, Leigh. It was a blast.

Oh, Linda. Isn't it the truth. Our neighborhood was very hard to get in and out of because we are not on a main road. So it was pretty much alpha guys and their trucks running around. One rut down the center of the road so they had to pull off in the snow to let other alpha trucks pass. Then they'd stop and help the one that pulled over get unstuck. The good thing. We've only lived here 8 months and now we know more neighbors. Gotta love 'em.

Linda Henderson said...

It was cold with a few snow flurries here yesterday, but nothing sticking. We still have the cold today and flurries are in the forecast again but I'm hoping for a clear day.

Pamela Stone said...

Flurries were in our forecast last night as well, but if they fell, I didn't see them. Beautiful, sunny day here. Although it's really cold when you get out in the wind. I don't see anything melting today like it did yesterday either. Patio is frozen. Texas weather!

Estella said...

I am nor a big fan of snow, but the pics are gorgeous!

Pamela Stone said...

Estella, I'm right there with you. This was a breathtaking storm, but I'm so ready for Spring.

Marcie said...

Snow is beautiful. Your pics are gorgeous.
I don't mind the snow - I just hated driving on 6+ inches of snow-covered roads! Now that I'm safely tucked in my house and the driveway is shoveled - the snow is beautiful again.
We are expected to have 3 more inches fall overnight to join the 6that fell today.
How come adults don't get snow days from work like kids do from school?

Pamela Stone said...

Hey Marcie. Where do you live? At my company we don't get snow days because we all work remote. It's great to not have to commute. Yet excuses to miss work are far and few between. Bad comes with the good I guess. However, I love working from home, so I'll try not to complain too much.

Marcie said...

Pam - I'm in Ohio north of Cincinnati.
I chickened out today - I couldn't do the white-knuckle drive to work. We have a Level 2 snow emergency which means go out only if you must. I'm sure work qualifies for a must, but after yesterday's slip-n-slide...they can do without me!