Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Promotion Updates

Promotion is the bane of some authors' existence, and, I freely admit, I'm one of them. Between writing, family, and my job, finding those few hours a week to devote to promoting myself is impossible. Right up there with finding those few hours a week to devote to exercise and losing weight (another bane of my existence).

I am happy to announce that, after six months of working on it here and there, I have a brand new website with a completely updated look. I'm really pleased with the results, and I hope you'll stop by, have a look around, and let me know what you think.


In addition to the website, I've also joined Facebook in the last couple of weeks. I've resisted for a year now, convinced online social networking was yet another task that would require too much of my time. It does, but I'm also having fun and connecting with people I haven't see in YEARS.

That also means I'm currently on the lookout for new friends. If you're a member of Facebook and you'd like to be my friend (she asks in a small voice), let me know or search my name. I'd love to connect with you and have the chance to, yet again, avoid exercising (ha, ha).

Warmest wishes,

Cathy McDavid

P.S. The promotion fairy would scold me if I didn't tell you to check out my newest release, TAKING ON TWINS, out this month!!


Pamela Stone said...

Great website, Cathy. Like you, I also struggle with how to best promote myself. And like you I have now joined Facebook and have an updated website. www.pamelastone.net. Shameless promotion. Hah! But it is hard with a day job, family, and writing to also effectively promote your books. Not enough hours in the day to keep up with technology and opportuities on top of all the other responsibilities.

Nicole S said...

I like your website, very nice. Ordered my copy of Taking on Twins last Friday, can't wait to read it.

Linda Warren said...


Promotion gives me a headache. I'd rather be writing.

The Web site looks great. Welcome to Facebook. I can lose a lot of time there when, yes, I should be writing. LOL


Leigh Duncan said...

Cathy, your new website is wonderful! As for promotion, I'm still suffering from "debut book glow," so it's too early to tell if I fall in with the love-it crowd or the would-rather-have-my-teeth-cleaned group.

Cathy McDavid said...

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words on my new website.

And thank you Nicole for getting my book! Be sure to email me (cathymcdavid@yahoo.com) if you like it. I'm postiing reader comments on my website :)

Cathy Mc