Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Eggs!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!!! I love the candy and costumes and most especially making fun, Fall-themed stuff. I'm so excited I snagged October to debut as the Harlequin American Blog's new Mistress of Crafts!! (Photo courtesy of

While I found this month's craft on, I can't imagine doing it as complicated as she does. She and her staff are crazy-talented!! If you are the kind of person who's patient enough to do this the "proper" way, here's the link:

For the rest of us not-so-patient folks--like me--I'm thinking we could come up with the same fun results in MUCH less time. What I would do in order to turn these into keepsakes is "blow" the eggs. (Remember that old trick to get the egg stuff out?)

From there, to get a really pretty pumpkin orange, Martha reccomends powdered dye. Again, I'm not that patient or talented, so I'm thinking buy a pint of glossy interior latex and just paint it on. Once that dries, use black paint to make a spooky or funny pumpkin face. To do a black skeleton egg, use black paint, and once it dries, paint with white. Martha uses wax to etch her designs. I tried wax with Easter eggs one year, and the results were not pretty!! LOL!!

I love the look of setting all of the eggs in a nest, so either buy one, or look around the yard. This time of year in Oklahoma, it's pretty common to find some bird's poor house on the lawn. I kind of like the idea of recycling it.

For added kooky fun, how about Pumpkin People Eggs? Paint them as above, but then make clothes for them from fabric scraps. Some corkscrew doll hair might be fun, too!! Oh--you could make little witches with pointy hats. Monsters. Possibilities are endless. Above all--have FUN!!!!!


1 Dozen Boiled/Blown Eggs
Assorted Dye or Paint
Assorted Markers
Assorted Paint Brushes
Assorted Halloween-themed fabric scraps
1 Purchased or Found Bird's Nest


Linda Henderson said...

What a crafty idea. Will have to share with my daughter.

nicolerko said...

I really like this idea!

Laura Marie Altom said...

Linda & Nico, did you try it? I wanted to, but was too busy making peanut butter eyeballs and finger cookies for the kids' Halloween party! Where was Martha when i needed her? LOL!!