Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Writing Advice

Here's September's Writing Advice tip from Roxann Delaney.

I can think of a dozen writing tips, but the one that jumps out at me the most is to KEEP WRITING, especially during the tough times in life. It's often hard to do that when life is throwing curve balls, but immersing yourself in your characters and your story will often save your sanity and give you the break from a crisis that's needed to see things more clearly.

Has anyone turned to writing--stories, diaries, poetry--during a difficult time in their life and found the experience helpful?

Roxann Delaney


Laura Bradford said...


It was great "therapy" after I was diagnosed with MS (but it took a month or so to even WANT to write again). I think the writing enables you to work through various aspects of whatever the curveball is in a way that's perhaps less harsh than "reality."

Great post!


PamStone said...


So true. When I have a stressfull day, or week, or time in my life, writng pulls me through. I've always said that writing is cheaper than a therapist and loads more fun. I sent a scene to my critique partner late one night and after reading it, her immediate response was, "Bad day? Great scene." She knows me way too well.

Mint said...

I'm not a writer but I will say that a good book is usually what I reach for when I need some stress relief. Reading has always been my escape from life crisis. So I hope all of you writers keep on writing.

Linda Henderson

Anonymous said...

We've all heard of a runner's high. How about a reader/writer's high? I seriously get one when I read a wonderful romance or finish writing a great scene. It's an addictive yet, as Pam said, inexpensive form of therapy. It's escapism at its best if you ask me. In fact, I think it's so good for the heart, soul and mind that I bet scientists/doctors could prove that romance writers live longer! To all you fellow romance addicts, de-stress and keep that ticker going.

Lynn said...

I used to journal but as one of my professors told me, I got tired of hearing myself whine. Although when I look back at those entries, I realized I knew more than I was letting myself deal with.

I still haven't been able to write about the breast cancer I survived about two years ago. I've done a couple three essays, only one successfully published. I know there is a bubble there somewhere that will need to be released through writing, but apparently not today.

So I write about other things. Distance gives me perspective. (Sometimes....)