Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The truth about...

In doing research for my books, I sometimes conduct in-person, e-mail and telephone interviews. I’ve cornered friends with questions about everything from medical issues to police procedures to Japanese culture to running a public relations agency.

A lot of research these days is, of course, done on the Internet. I thought you might be interested to know a few of the topics I’ve researched for my upcoming Safe Harbor Medical series in the Harlequin American line.

Before I give the details, I should mention that my next book, Doctor Daddy, to be published in September 2009 as part of the Men Made in American promotion, is set in the same local as my previous trilogy, Harmony Circle.

The first Safe Harbor Medical book is scheduled for February 2010. I’m currently writing the second one; that will come out later in 2010.

Here are some topics I’ve been delving into:

1) Childbirth classes and the topics they cover. My husband and I attended one more than twenty years ago, so this brought back some squirmy memories.

1) Adoption issues. Here are a few of the items that adoption agencies look at in conducting home studies: Is the house clean and safe? Is there space for the child? Are both prospective parents (assuming there are two) eager to adopt, and do they have experience with children? How do they plan to take care of the child – day care, or one parent staying home? Or (this wasn't mentioned specifically) Nana the nurturing dog?

2) Premature ovarian failure. Ouch. You don’t really want to hear about this, do you?

3) How to cut a man’s hair (just take my word for it, this figures into Book 2). Start with a location that’s easy to sweep up, such a bathroom or kitchen, or take a chair outside if you don’t need to plug in your clippers. This, too, brings back memories. I used to torture my sons by cutting their hair on the patio, until my husband took pity on them and started driving them to a salon. They now drive themselves to the barber.

4) Duties of a hospital attorney. The hero of my second book is the staff attorney at Safe Harbor Medical.

6) Classes you have to take for a nursing degree in California. Gee, by the time our legislature finishes cutting the budget, who knows what our universities will still be offering?

7) How to get a quickie divorce. This is information I hope I never have to use outside a book.

8) California’s safe haven law, which allows women to safely surrender newborns at a hospital, fire station or other approved facility. Sad though the circumstances may be, this law not only saves lives, it also inspired this series. You see, women keep confusing Safe Haven with Safe Harbor, so there’s a whole spate of babies arriving at the hospital in need of homes…

And no doubt, one of these days, a haircut.


EllenToo said...

Here in Texas in 1999 the "Baby Moses laws" were enacted to allow mothers in crisis to safely relinquish their babies. To me these safe haven laws are very important and I hope they are really saving the lives of babies as they are intended to do.

Jacqueline Diamond said...

I hope so, too!

Anonymous said...

What kinds of reactions do you get from people if you ask questions? Do they look at you oddly or puff themselves up?