Wednesday, April 08, 2009


The Rita Call...

If you’re an author and entered the Rita contest, you knew the Rita and Golden Heart calls were going out on March 25. It was all over the Internet loops and on the RWA Web site. In case you don’t know, the 2009 RITA honors romance fiction published in 2008. More than 1,000 novels and novellas were judged in 12 categories. The 2009 Golden Heart Award honors unpublished romance manuscripts in 2008. Winners of the awards will be announced July 18th at the RITA and Golden Heart Awards Ceremony to be held at RWA’s 29th Annual National Conference in Washington, D.C.

There is a little glimmer of hope in all of us who write that one day we’ll be on that prestigious list of finalists. For me, that’s all it’s ever been—a small glimmer. I wasn’t anxiously sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring. I usually get to my computer about ten o’clock to start my writing day. I’d planned to check in then to see who had gotten a call. Early that morning I was trying to get a doctor’s appointment changed. The nurse said her computer was down and she’d call me back as soon as she could or the receptionist would.

Ten minutes later the phone rang. I answered and the lady said, “May I speak to Linda Warren.” Thinking it was the nurse, I replied, “Just a minute.” I was in the bathroom and I didn’t have a pen to write down the date and time. It was a three month appointment and I knew I’d forget. So I hurried into the bedroom for a pen, and said, “Okay.”

The lady asked, rather puzzled, “Is this Linda Warren?”

I answered, “Yes.”

She went on to say she was an RWA director and she had some great news. Things went over my head after that. I kept thinking this isn’t the nurse. OhmyGod, this isn’t the nurse! By then I was listening closely. Texas Heir was a finalist in Series Contemporary. My heart was about to pound out of my chest, but I asked her name because I’d missed it the first time and I thanked her, and thanked her. I hung up and started to cry. I was so happy. That glimmer suddenly became a big reality.

I’m probably the only person in RWA who kept an RWA director waiting on call day. Oh my. I don’t know if my heart can take all this excitement. But I’m going to enjoy every minute.

Here’s to dreams that come true. Win or lose, I’ll still be happy and probably crying.
What an incredible day.

Texas Heir is an American book so I wanted to share this with you. And congratulations to Cindi Meyers for her American final with The Right Mr. Wrong. We’re going to have a great time in DC.

Wanna happy dance with me? Yay for the American line!!

The Sheriff of Horseshoe, Texas


Trish Milburn said...

Huge congrats, Linda! Since I'm an RWA director, I got to call finalists and share the good news. It's always so much fun to do that.

And congrats to you, too, Cindi! We're be cheering you both on in July.

Ann Roth said...

Linda- Thank you for sharing such an exciting moment with us. And a huge congratulations to you!
And you, too, Cindi!

I can't wait to see you both in DC for the gala celebration!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Linda, I'm sooo proud of you!!! Need a bear to commemorate it? LOL
With the impending death and then death of my mother, I totally missed this news earlier. Congrats, lady! You so deserve it!

Carly Carson said...

Congratulations, Linda. I love to hear stories like this. And congrats to Cindi too. I've enjoyed books by both of you.

Carly Carson

Jo Anne said...

Linda, I'm thrilled for you. No one deserves it more. Big congratulations to you and all the other proud finalists. I'll miss you in Washington this year, but I'll be cheering you on from Houston.

Jo Anne Banker

Linda Warren said...

Thank you. When I realized who it was, I was excited out of my mind. It has to great to give that kind of news. You probably had a lot of excited finalists.

Linda Warren said...

Thanks. Can't wait to see you in DC.

Linda Warren said...

I hope you're feeling better and findings answers to the situation in your life.

Yes, I'm thinking about a bear.

Thank you and hugs.

Linda Warren said...

Thank you so much. I plan to have fun and enjoy the moment. They don't come around that often.

Linda Warren said...

Hey Jo Anne,
Thanks for the cheers. I'll need every one.

Wish you were going to DC.

Colleen Thompson said...

Way to go, Linda! I'm so happy for you. And your stories richly deserve the honor!

Linda Warren said...

You're so sweet. Thank you.

I'm happy for you, too. DC will be great this year.

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! At least you had the forethought to leave the bathroom!
I've read your Supers and have enjoyed them so I know you are deserving to be a finalist.
Congrats! And I bet you are still floating.

Estella said...

Congratulations, Linda!

Sara said...

Linda, that is wonderful news!!! So, happy to hear that! I hope you win...

Linda Warren said...

Yes, I'm still floating. Thank you for your very nice words. It's a great compliment when someone says they enjoy my books. Thank you!

Linda Warren said...

Thank you. I'm still excited.

Linda Warren said...

Thank you. I haven't thought much about winning. I would make myself crazy.

penney said...

Congratulations Linda

Linda Warren said...

Thank you.
It's been fun.

Lee McKenzie said...

What a great story, Linda! Congratulations again! And congrats to Cindi, too! Such wonderful achievements.

Linda Warren said...

Thank you. I'm still in shock. But it's wonderful two American books were recognized this year. Yay!

Kara Lennox said...

A belated congratulations to our illustrious Rita finalists! You done us proud!

Linda Warren said...

Thank you!