Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Frugal Valentines

I loved Linda's post about how she met her husband. Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays for any number of reasons. Obviously, as a romance writer I love a holiday that celebrates romance. But Valentine's Day is a feel-good holiday that embraces all kinds of love -- parents for children, friends for friends and neighbors. You can give Valentine's Day cards to anyone who is special in your life, not just your sweetheart.

I also like Valentine's Day because celebrating the day does not require extravagant expense. Sure, you can spring for a dozen roses and bling, but I think the best Valentine's Day gifts are homemade cards and home-baked brownies.

The holiday has a long tradition of homemade cards, from Victorian lace concoctions to a child's construction paper heart.

A friend of mine once made a card that consisted of three photographs of herself. In each photo she was holding a red heart made of poster board with a single word. The pictures in succession spelled out I Love You. This would be cute to do with children, also. I once made a card that consisted of hearts taped together accordian style. On each heart was written something I loved about my husband.

If your special someone likes crossword puzzles, you can make a free crossword puzzle that uses your words and clues here.

I've also cut photos into puzzle pieces that had to be reassembled for an interactive card.

Of all the cards I've made my husband, my favorite was one I fashioned from the cover of a romance novel (One purchased at a used book store for the purpose -- I couldn't bear to cut up a new book). I chose a gorgeous historical romance cover with a woman in an elaborate dress and the long-haired, shirtless hero. I cut out the faces and substituted pictures of my husband and myself. Then I wrote something about him always being my hero. (Now I could use one of my own cover flats, but this was before I was published.)

What fun and creative things have you done for Valentine's Day? And has a romance novel ever inspired your celebration?


Linda Warren said...

I love the puzzle thing. You know so much interesting stuff. I'm impressed.
I'm going to try the puzzle.
Thank you for the comment about my blog. Pouring my heart out is not my thing, but I'm learning.

Cindi Myers said...

Have fun with the puzzle, Linda.