Monday, January 12, 2009

There goes the adrenaline

Most people who know me know I write in big huge spurts. I'm on the end of one. I wrote the last nine pages of my book today, and then went through it with a fine tooth comb. Twice. I'm sure I still missed something.

The moment it left my inbox for my editor's desk, I was tired. All the adrenaline of writing (and forgetting to eat) left in a flash. It's time for bed, and time for goodbye until I get the book back on revision. However, I had to post my blog as I have newspaper deadline tomorrow and am working a 13 hour day at school.

It sounds funny to say, but I see characters in my head. For me, the characters come before the plot and anything else. They're like ghosts who talk in my head and create their own little movie. I don't interact with them; it's more like being a fly on the wall. However, I can make them do what I want, although often the surprise me.

My current WIP is about a corporate VP who becomes accidentally pregant by her much younger PA. Mitch loves Kristi, but she has no clue. Creating Kristi has been hard for me, because Kristi is unlucky at love and doesn't believe she's worthy. That forced me to dig deep to find those sitations that could make her realistic. As for Mitch, I wish he were real and I'd snag him right up. He's so convinced he's the man for her, even when she's oblivious.

I promise a better post on the 20th, but wanted to drop in and say hi and happy Monday. Enjoy your week!


Estella said...

Your WIP sounds very interesting.

kimmyl said...

I agree.