Friday, January 30, 2009

Ready for Spring

I'm one of those people who hates the dark days and gray colors of winter. As I write this on the 28th, two days before my blog will post, my yard is covered in six inches of white snow and the sun is shining. So everything is bright. I'm waiting for my neighbor to come take his tractor and dig me out--but he's going right on by. (His wife will remind him.) Until then, my yard is pristine and smooth, marring one set of deer tracks. I'd show you a picture, but all my cameras are at work--which is closed. There's no way I can dig out this driveway. I've done it before and didn't love any of it.

I live in the country on five acres, which I love. I'm surrounded by an 11 acre horse farm, and 26 acres of land that no one uses and really can't be developed. So at most I might see one more house. The only time life out here is trying and somewhat annoying is during the winter, but no one expects to go anywhere so it's usually okay. So far we've been off for 2 snow days, and my district where I teaach has used a total of four. The school district I live in has been off for 5.

While I get tired of drab winter pretty quickly, I like Missouri. For the most part we have all four seasons, although we can have them all in one week, and some years it seems like we skip spring. Hopefully this March I'll be back at work on my current project--clearing out the brush and extra trees that block my view of the pond. When I moved in you couldn't see anything at all, just a sliver. Now this is the view once you get to the edge of the grass part of my backyard. This project is going on about three years now, depending on extra $$, time, that sort of thing.

Lastly, since I'm sharing photos, my feral outdoor cat, who adopted us and who we've called Doofy, is finally out of his igloo and braving the snow. He's spent the last two days battened down. He's my sweetheart, although he wasn't happy to spend two nights in my garage when it got to -17 one night. But I want him around for another year.

Everyone have a great end to January, and be safe and warm.


Lee McKenzie said...

The view of your pond looks perfect to me, Michele. You can enjoy gazing at the water, and the trees provide a habitat for birds and other wildlife. Color me green ;)

Doofy is adorable, and I love his little igloo! He's a smart kitty for adopting such a caring family.

Trish Milburn said...

I took am longing for spring. It's so dark and icky this winter, even down here in the South where we've not gotten a lot of snow. Just wet and bleh.

Funny that you have a cat named Doofy. My in-laws had a cat for several years who, say we say, wasn't all that bright. My husband and his brother called the cat Doofus even though his name was something sweet like Sugarplum.

Gillian Layne said...

Hi! I live in SE Kansas, and work for the schools as well. We had our first two snow (ice!) days this week. Not fun--no snow men from this.

I love your baby. We have three ourselves. Cats have the unique ability to look ticked off when the world is being laid at their feet. It cracks me up. :)

Estella said...

Hope you thaw out soon.

Michele Dunaway said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm not sure how he got to be Doofy. My one daughter tried to name him David Bowie, but no one but her calls him that, and he won't let her pet him. :)

We're back in school, and the roads are clear. Supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow, meaning everything will melt.

Then I'll get in that little igloo, steal his bedding, and wash it. It gets all icy and then freezes.

Lee, the only problem is that since the area to the pond is still in process, once summer comes it's a big mess of weeds and who knows what else. So we have to get it thinned out and cleaned up so that it can be mowed and kept down. But yes, I like it.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading about Missouri. I live in Arizona and now it says 78 degrees outside today. But the nights are cool.
We usually only have two seasons here-hot and really hot.
JWIsley (AT)