Monday, January 05, 2009

Cell phone novels

It’s 2009, and technology continues to race forward, presenting us with amazing new innovations.

I read a fascinating article in the Dec. 22-29 New Yorker (I Heart Novels, by Dana Goodyear) about cell phone novels in Japan. This craze has swept the nation and resulted in paperback and Manga books, movies and massive sales for those who write the stories. Amazing! Critics say the books are badly written, more like diary entries anyone could write than well-crafted stories. That may be true, but the authors don’t care. (They’re crying all the way to the bank.)

I wonder if this craze will catch on in the U.S. I’m not just talking about reading published novels on your cell. That’s already happening. What I mean is the practice of anyone, including those with no writing background and no idea how to develop characters or plot or theme, writing a book on their cell phone for a group of readers eager to read every word.

What do you think—will this craze sweep the U.S. and Canada?

Curious and wonderingly yours,


Trish Milburn said...

Interesting. I just read about this recently too. We're definitely becoming more techie with each passing year. Heck, each month.

Ann Roth said...

I know! It's hard to keep up, esp. for those of us over 20. :-). Kids under 20 seem to have no trouble at all keeping up.

kimmyl said...

The prob with all the new techno stuff out there is will people be able to afford it with the economy like it is?